Patna: Aishwarya’s Rabri Devi accused of harassment


Patna: Aishwarya’s Rabri Devi accused of harassment: The dispute between Tejpratap Yadav and his wife Aishwarya, the son of former Bihar Chief Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav, has been further complicated. At the residence of Rabdi Devi, the family became very tu-tu, me-main. The police eventually had to intervene in the case. Aishwarya’s mother-in-law Rabdi Devi and Nananda Misa Bharti were accused of family harassment at this time, sources said.

Tejpratap and Aishwarya have filed a divorce petition in the court, which is a case in point. According to media reports, Aishwarya and her parents entered Rabdi Devi’s residence. There was a dispute between the two families at this time. Aishwarya contacted the women helpline, Rabdi Devi and Nanand Misa Bharti reported that they had been kicked out of the house. Complaining of the complaint, the helpline officer approached Rabbi Devi’s house to investigate Pramila. Aishwarya accused Rabbi Devi and Misa Bharti of harassing the family and not giving them food.

Meanwhile, a video of Aishwarya crying out of Rabdi Devi’s residence was recently revealed. This led to discussions of the breakdown of relations between Tejpratap and Aishwarya. Both have not responded in this case.

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