CoronaVirus: Modi government’s big announcement, 80 crore people will get 2 rupees wheat and 3 rupees rice


CoronaVirus: Modi government’s big announcement, 80 crore people will get 2 rupees wheat and 3 rupees rice: In view of the increasing infection of the corona virus in the country, the Modi government made a big announcement. The government has decided to give food grains at affordable rates to 80 crore people of the country. This decision has been taken in a cabinet meeting held at the residence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday.

This information has been given by Union Minister Prakash Javadekar. Javadekar said in the press conference after the cabinet meeting that the central government will give 7 kg per person ration every month to the 80 crore people of the country. Not only this, keeping in view the lockdown, the government will give 3 months ration in advance.

Prakash Javadekar while addressing the media said that the government has decided to give wheat worth Rs 27 per kg to 80 crore people for only Rs 2 per kg and rice of Rs 37 per kg for Rs 3 per kg. 1 lakh 80 thousand crore rupees are being spent on this.

This will be given in advance to the states for three months. Apart from this, at the beginning of the conference, Javadekar asked all journalists to sit far away keeping in mind the social distancing. The Union Minister said, ‘Even in the press conference, everyone is sitting far and wide. It is necessary to sit far away to stay close.’

Javadekar said, “Prime Minister Modi announced the lockdown in the country on Tuesday night, then people across the country also accepted and welcomed. Because for a population of 130 crores, the country understood the world experience and decided to lockdown to avoid corona. ”He said that there are only three ways to fight this disease. The first is to stay at home, the second is to wash hands before doing anything and wash hands several times a day.

Javadekar said that in fever, cold and cough, go to the doctor and follow the social distancing. We have to keep this in our practice. It is also a chance to spend a good time with the family. Let us tell you that more than 550 people have come in the grip of this virus and 11 people have died due to its infection.

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