Coronavirus Updates: Corona virus can spread not one 8 meters away, now follow this path to escape


Coronavirus Updates: Corona virus can spread not one 8 meters away, now follow this path to escape

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Corona virus infection is also spreading rapidly in India and in view of this, the lockdown has been done till 15 April. However, in the meanwhile there has been a rapid increase in infected cases but the rate of spread of infection in India is very less compared to other countries. At the same time, a new guideline on social distancing created for the infection of corona virus is awaited.

This research was conducted in the US which has created a situation of change in the new rules by issuing a report about the spread of the corona virus on 1 April 2020, in view of which we should start taking precautions now.

First know where the research took place

The US is currently facing the worst effects of the corona virus infection and that is why it is doing everything possible to find a break from this virus. In this episode, when the doctors there wanted to know about the corona virus infection, how far the virus could spread, they started research on it. The team of special doctors was involved in this research, which started in America and they studied it in depth. The results that followed were about to express concern over the distance created for social distancing.

How research was done

The best laser technology and cameras were used by the team of doctors to accurately detect the spread of corona virus infection. Research included people who had symptoms of coughing and sneezing. After that, these people were researched for a long time and saw that when these people cough and sneeze, the droplets which can be present in their mouths, which may also be present in the virus, do not go only a distance of one or 2 meters but also go further. Can.

How far can the virus spread

In the new research released on the infection of corona virus, it has been told that the virus can go up to a distance of about 8 meters. In such a situation, you should think about wearing and using the mask as well as many other things. It is difficult to say how long the new guidelines will be released by the World Health Organization, but as a precaution you can take some caution.

What to do right

At present, if you believe the report, then you do not have to worry much, just you can pay attention to some common things. For this, apart from wearing masks as a precaution, keep maximum distance from coughing and sneezing people. One more thing to note is that if you are suffering from such symptoms yourself, then do not go out to take vegetables and milk in lockdown and get the check-up done according to need.

Follow other guidelines strictly.

To avoid infection of Kovid-19, strictly follow all other guidelines. Seriously follow such things as washing your hands, avoiding contact with any coughing and sneezing person, wearing a mouth mask, keeping yourself indoors when symptoms of cold-cough appear.

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