CAA Protest in Delhi: Violent protest in Seelampur-Zafarabad in protest of citizenship law, stone pelt: After Jamia in Delhi, there was a violent protest against the citizenship law in Seelampur area. Demonstrators vandalized three DTC buses. During the protest, people threw stones at the police. Some policemen have also been injured in this. The police released tear gas shells to overcome the situation. The entry and exit gates of seven metro stations have been closed due to the demonstration.

Stoning on police, 7 metro stations closed

Welcome, Jaffarabad, Maujpur-Babarpur, Seelampur and Gokulpur, Shivvihar and Johri Enclave metro stations have been closed due to violent protests over the citizenship law in Seelampur. The protesters’ march started from Seelampur which turned violent in Jafrabad area.

Delhi traffic police issued an advisory

The Delhi Traffic Police has issued an advisory after demonstrations in the area. Traffic on the 66 feet road from Seelampur to Jafrabad has been completely closed. According to media reports, for more than 1 hour, the protesters have been continuously creating ruckus. Seeing the situation worsening, the police fired tear gas to remove the protesters.

Video of Jamia Bawal, Police is appealing to stop stone pelting

Let us tell you that on Sunday, the protest in Jamia also turned violent against the citizenship law. After this, the police also had to use force. A video of the Delhi Police has also been released in which the police are appealing against not stonewalling during the Jamia demonstration.

A new video has emerged of the day of violent protest in Jamia against the citizenship law. In the video, the joint CP of Delhi Police are constantly appealing to the protesters for not stepping stones.

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