Clashes broke out in lawyers and police in Tis Hazari court, fire on vehicles after firing


Clashes broke out in lawyers and police in Tis Hazari court, fire on vehicles after firing: In the Tis Hazari court of Delhi, there was a fierce clash on Saturday afternoon during a minor dispute between the lawyers and the police. The clash soon turned into violence. At the same time, during the clash with the lawyers, there is also information about firing by the police. Not only this, some trains have also been set on fire. Meanwhile, seeing the increase in the ruckus, several police stations in the northern district have been asked to reach the spot.

The person who was shot in the firing is being told the name of the lawyer Vijay Verma. He is immediately admitted to the nearby St. Stephens Hospital, where he is being treated.

Lawyers say that Delhi Police stopped a lawyer and asked why he parked in front of the lockup. The lawyer was then beaten. Shot when there was a ruckus. A round shot is fired. The lawyer is hospitalized.

At the same time, Delhi Police says that there has been no incident like firing. The police car has definitely been burnt and what has happened organically is being investigated. According to the information received, there was a fight between the police and lawyers of the 3rd Battalion outside the lockup. The 3rd Battalion serves to bring and take prisoners to court. It has also been reported that there was a fight over parking. The controversy increased so much that the PCR van was also set on fire.

Lawyers beat police officers, handcuffs of SHO

According to the information received, angry lawyers have started an uproar after firing and firing his partner Vijay Sharma. It is being told that they have beaten some police officers along with setting fire to many trains. The situation became such that whatever policeman showed up in the Tis Hazari court premises, he was beaten fiercely by the lawyers. Scrambled with SHO. Due to the panic of the lawyers, the policemen ran away.

The news is coming that lawyers who have taken violent positions have also broken some cameras of news channels. At the same time, mobile phones of some media personnel were also snatched and broken.

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