Delhi JNU Students’ protest: Union minister Bokri to spend many hours at university


Delhi JNU Students’ protest: Union minister Bokri to spend many hours at university: JNU is facing fears of an unprecedented 300% accommodation and tuition hike. Students have intensified the struggle.

Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi has given many scholars to the nation. Each generation has brought great men to voice and think for the people.

Students of socially and economically disadvantaged families are studying and studying at JNU, including scholarships. This is why students have been struggling in Delhi since this morning to demand a dramatic increase in their tuition and accommodation fees, restrictions on dressing and fines for struggling students.

It has also increased accommodation and tuition fees by 300%. This creates a situation where nearly 40% of students are unable to continue their education. These disadvantaged family students met Vice President Venkaiah Naidu today to appeal.

But those students were detained. The students jumped in protest, demanding to meet their demands.

Delhi Police and CRPF are trying to suppress the struggle. The soldiers also made various efforts. At one point the water was smashed. Yet the students continue to struggle again because it is for their future.

As the students’ agitation intensifies, Delhi police are wondering how to control them.

The Union Minister who was involved in the struggle

Union Minister Ramesh Pokhri, who was attending the university graduation ceremony, was unable to leave because of the students’ protest. Minister Bokriel had to wait for hours within the university after the ceremony. After a great deal of effort, the police sent Minister Pokhriyal away.

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