How the life of a young man saved from a lion’s enclosure, Read the full story


How the life of a young man saved from a lion’s enclosure, read the full story: Whoever saw the video which was revealed on Thursday from the national capital Delhi’s zoo, was shocked. Perhaps it is called coming alive from the mouth of death. Even after 15 minutes in front of a dreaded animal like a lion, it is really no less than a miracle to safely escape a human being.

However, the story of a young man escaping alive in a lion enclosure in Delhi Zoo is not the same. For this, the lion’s attention was diverted with complete planning and then a team of 10 employees bravely jumped into the enclosure to save the young man.

10 employees landed in the enclosure as soon as possible

In fact, on Thursday, guard Lekhraj was on duty at the lion’s enclosure. He tried to stop Rehan Khan from jumping into the enclosure of a lion named Sundaram but failed. In such a situation, he started calling Sundaram to save Rehan’s life. He hoped that the lion’s attention would be distracted by this and by then he would get a chance to save Rehan in private. A team of 10 other employees (including Xu Rangers and guards) descended into the enclosure as soon as they got the chance.

Lekhraj later said, ‘Our first priority was to save the person’s life. The lion may have been reared, but if it were, it is an animal. There was a big danger for us but we had to do it under any circumstances. As the guards diverted the attention of the lion, the team descended into the enclosure with great care from the other side. After this, Zoo doctors unconsciously lured him with a tranquilizer while keeping the lion within a certain radius.

Wait for 6-7 minutes then the staff moved forward

A Zoo official said, ‘It takes 6-7 minutes for the tranquilizer to begin to work. During this time we did not try to save Rehan because the lion’s attention may be on our side due to activity, which would have been dangerous. ‘ As the lion fainted, the fire department employee pulled down the rope and ladder and Khan was ejected.

How the life of a young man saved from a lion’s enclosure

Xu officials said that Khan was lucky as one such incident took place in 2014 and then the white tiger took the life of the person who fell in the fence. Curator Riyaz Khan said that if Rehan had sat down or fainted, the lion could have become more aggressive. He said that the tiger or leopard decides the danger quickly while the lion takes time to assess its danger. Perhaps this is the reason why the lion came close to him on seeing Rehan in front of him and stopped for some time and returned.


Following the incident, the Zoo administration is investigating the matter as to why the 24-year-old could not be stopped from jumping into the enclosure. Zoo officials also said that the fence has not been cordoned off as it has been built as per the rules of the National Zoo Authority. Under this, animals have to be made naturally habitable.

Who saw everything with their eyes

Eyewitnesses said that people near the fence tried to stop her from entering, but she ignored it. Jamir Alam, who came to visit the zoo along with the family, said, ‘After entering inside, he was trying to lure the lion. If the Zoo administration does not arrive quickly, the lion will not leave it. It is said that Rehan Khan was calling the lion from outside the enclosure and if he could not find anything, he jumped inside.

The guard also caught his hand but he pulled away and ran away. Within 10 minutes, the Zoo administration, policemen, fire team reached the enclosure. Rehan was later taken into custody by the police and taken for a medical checkup. Doctors said that he had suffered a bruise on his hand. It is reported that he was drunk.

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