Kiran Bedi to be back here – Delhi police protest protesting attack


Kiran Bedi to be back here – Delhi police protest protesting attack: Dishasari Court is located in the southern part of Delhi. There was a clash between police and lawyers over the last two hours.

This conflict is riotous. Following this, some lawyers attacked a policeman who was working outside the Saket court complex in Delhi.

Twenty police and 8 lawyers were injured in the clashes so far. 20 vehicles, including motorcycles and police cars, were smashed.

After this, the police went on a agitation in Delhi today to protest the attack by lawyers. A large number of policemen took part in the protest in front of the Delhi Police Headquarters.

During the protest, some policemen carried a photo of former Delhi Special Police Commissioner Kiran Bedi and demanded that you come back here.

Speaking at the event, Delhi Police Commissioner Amulya Patnaik said: “We have a duty to protect law and order and we have to fulfill our duty. Therefore, the police who are engaged in the protest are calling for peaceful restoration of law and order.

Meanwhile, Delhi Police has today submitted a report to the Union Home Ministry regarding details of the clash between police and lawyers.

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