Prakash Javadekar Environment Minister’s statement- It is not right to blame Punjab and Haryana for air pollution in Delhi: Environment, Forest and Climate Change Minister Prakash Javadekar criticized Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for blaming Punjab and Haryana for the deterioration in air quality due to continuous deepening air pollution in Delhi. He said that it is not appropriate to do politics on the issue of pollution.

Javadekar said that the Chief Minister of Delhi is doing politics on the subject of pollution. He is facing charges. It is not right to blame Punjab and Haryana for Delhi’s pollution.

It is worth mentioning that Kejriwal has given the main reason for burning stubble in Punjab and Haryana to reach dangerous level of air quality in Delhi. Kejriwal has appealed to the children of Delhi to write a letter to the Chief Ministers of Punjab and Haryana to stop burning stubble so that Delhi can be brought out of the grip of polluted air.

Pollution on High Level in Delhi

Javadekar termed Kejriwal’s allegation as false and said that he was blaming the neighboring states for avoiding his responsibility. He said that vehicular air pollution in Delhi was the main reason for the deterioration of air quality. To control this, the Modi government completed the construction of the Peripheral Expressway in five years, due to which the number of vehicles passing through Delhi to other states has reduced by about 60 thousand per day.

Instead of blaming Punjab and Haryana for pollution, Javadekar appealed to ensure adherence to the Modi government’s policy of intensifying the joint efforts of the five affected states against pollution.

He said that instead of worrying about how to reduce pollution, if we start blaming each other, then we will get a lot of raw letters, but giving relief to the public from pollution is the collective responsibility of all of us, and this responsibility will not be fulfilled.

The Air Quality Index (AQI) in Delhi reached 468 on Friday. According to the Central Pollution Control Board, AQI reached Delhi in the ‘very serious’ and ’emergency’ category for the first time on Thursday night since January this year.

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