Earthquake in Pakistan: Save your life in this way if an earthquake strikes, but don’t do it


Earthquake in Pakistan: Save your life in this way if an earthquake strikes, but don’t do it: Do not tell about earthquake or any natural disaster. At such a time, we do not fully understand what to do. Earthquake tremors were felt throughout North India including Delhi-NCR at around 4:30 pm on Tuesday evening.

The magnitude of the earthquake has been measured 6.3. As soon as the news of the earthquake started, there was an atmosphere of panic among the people. But at such a time, it is more important to take care of some special things than to create a panic.

These measures should be taken immediately when an earthquake occurs-

1- If you are present in a house, office or any building, then get out from there and come out in the open.

2- Run towards the open ground. There is no safer place than an open field during an earthquake.

3- Do not stand around any building.

4- If you are in a building where there is a lift, do not use the lift at all. In such a situation it is best to use the stairs.

5- Keep the door and window of the house open.

6- Turn off all the power switches of the house.

7- If the building is very high and it is not possible to get down immediately, then hide under any table, high post or bed in the building.

8- During the earthquake, people should take care that they do not panic and do not spread any kind of rumor, in such a situation can become worse.

Do not do this when an earthquake 

1. If you are out of the house during an earthquake, always keep in mind that you should stay away from electric poles and tall buildings.

2. If you are driving during an earthquake, stop it immediately, but do not get out of the car. During this time also take care that your car is not a bridge or flyover.

3. If you are at home during an earthquake, stay at home, do not leave.

4. If you get buried in debris during an earthquake, do not light a matchbox for illumination. If gas is leaking somewhere, it can cause a fire and may threaten your life.

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