Deepika Padukone angry on Salman Khan Reaction on Depression actress Back Fired Reaction on Superstar Bhaijaan: Some time ago, Salman Khan had said in an interview on ‘Depression’ that Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone did not dig. After this, now he has reacted to that thing of Salman Khan. Salman Khan said that he has often seen that many people go on holidays. But he can not afford it. In such a situation, many people become emotional and sad about it. Salman had said further – He can not do that in whatever condition he is, it damages him.

According to Reports

According to Pinkvilla’s report, Deepika Padukone said – she has a fight with depression and one word is enough to understand it – struggle. Deepika further said – Depression is such a thing, to fight every moment, you have to fight with life, you have to keep fighting. Talking about her experience, Deepika said, “I used to tired of fighting.”

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone, who has taken concrete steps towards this by expressing concern over depression, says – People consider depression to be depressed or a bit sad. A mail star recently named Depression as being unhappy about not having a luxury life. There is no choice to go into depression.’

Let me tell you, Deepika Padukone herself has gone through depression. In such a situation, Deepika talks very carefully on depression. Due to this, Deepika established an organization called The Live Love Laugh Foundation. Deepika’s organization here helps those who are facing depression in their lives. In such a situation, a small effort is made to get people out of depression here.

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