Harley Davidson Livewire first Electric Bike, Specification, Feature, Look, Harley Davidson Bike Images

Harley Davidson first Electric Bike, Specification, Feature, Look, Harley Davidson Bike Images: Harley Davidson, the well-known bike manufacturer of America, has launched his first electric motorcycle Livewire. With the launch of this bike, the company has also offered free charging facility for two years. At this time, all automobile companies are giving a lot of emphasis on the construction of electric vehicles in view of the increasing pollution in the environment, and in this case, the bike maker Harley Davidson has also come down. Let’s know how Harley Davidson is the bike and how it’s features.

Harley Davidson Live Wire will soon be seen rolling in the streets. Experiencing electric bikes for Harley Davidson’s amateurs will be quite different. In the US, you can charge this bike at Electrified America Station. It is being told that this bike will be available in the US, Canada and Europe countries this year and by 2020-21 this bike will be available in other countries’ markets as well.

Speed ​​and power of Harley Davidson Electric Bike

The electric motor in this bike generates a maximum power of 103 pcs and 116 newtons of torque. It is being claimed that this bike will catch speeds of 0-100 kmph in just 3 seconds with the help of Rapid Acceleration. This bike’s battery can be fully charged in 60 minutes with DC fast charging and 0-80 percent can be charged in just 40 seconds. Once charged, this bike can set a distance of 235 km.

Other FEATURES of Harley Davidson Electric Bike

Among other features, the Harley Davidson Livewire includes Reflex Defensive Rider Systems, Anti Lock Braking System, Corner Enhanced Traction Control System, Drag-Turt Slip Control System, 4.3-Inch Color TFT Touchscreen, 7 Different Riding Modes, Demaker LED Headlamps, H- D connect etc.

Price of Harley Davidson Electric Bike

Speaking of the price, the X showroom price of Harley Davidson Livewire has been priced at $ 29,799 (that is, approximately 20.43 lakhs).

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