Rahul Bajaj slams Shahid in front of Shah: Watch Video


Rahul Bajaj slams Shahid in front of Shah: Rahul Bajaj, the chairman of the Bajaj Group, has said that the Home Minister of India, Amit Shah, has opened his mouth to criticize the central government.

We’re scared Everyone knows there is such an atmosphere. But no one would open it. Even my friends from the industry. But I will say it openly. This requires a radical answer, not a denial. Rahul Bajaj said at the awards ceremony of the Economic Times.

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He was fiercely critical of Union Ministers Nirmala Sitharaman and Piyush Goyal, who were present at the function, praising God Se as a Rajashehi in Parliament. Rahul Bajaj also pointed out that during the second UPA government, anyone was free to criticize anyone.

Today people are afraid to criticize the central government. You are doing good But if we criticize ourselves publicly, there is no belief that you will accept it. I may be wrong. But this is on everyone’s mind. I am not speaking for everyone. I can not say it.

Watch Video of Rahul Bajaj slams Shahid in front of Shah

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat says that mob violence is taking place in the Pashto world, but in India it creates an atmosphere of intolerance. There are those who are not guilty of it. Former Finance Minister P Chidambaram said there were 100 days in jail without being found guilty. Rahul Bajaj did not mention Chidambaram’s name. He said that today anyone can be called Rajesh Nehi. Praj Na Singh’s Godse Bhak also attacked.

The prime minister said he could not forgive them. Yet you won them by stopping the election. Then they were placed on the Defense and Parliamentary Affairs Committee. “It is comforting to have been excluded from this short session,” he said. Reliance Chairman Mukesh Ambani, Birla Group Chairman Kumar Mangalam Birla and Bharti Enterprises Chairman Sunil Bharti Mittal were also present.

After hearing your question, Amit Shah replied, “Nobody would believe me if we say that there is an atmosphere of fear in India.” Amit Shah says that there is no need to be afraid and if there is a certain kind of atmosphere there is a need to try to improve that environment. This is the government that is facing the most criticism. We do not hide anything for fear of any criticism.

The government operates in the most transparent manner. “If anyone criticizes, we will look at its merits and try to improve ourselves,” he said.
It is also interesting to note that Rahul Bajaj attacked the central government with the same concern following former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s assertion that there is an atmosphere of fear in the country.

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