History of 19 April: India created history in space, know how

India is today seen as a superpower in the field of space. India achieved a major feat by acquiring the ability to hit targets with precision in space. India’s expertise in the field of satellite launch can be gauged from the fact that many countries today depend on India to launch their satellites at low cost. April 19 has special significance in this journey of the country’s space. Actually this is the day when India entered the space age by launching its first satellite Aryabhata with the help of Russia. It was the first scientific satellite of India.

History of 19 April

  • 1451: Bahlol Lodi captured Delhi.
  • 1770: Captain James Cook becomes the first Western man to reach Australia
  • 1775: Beginning of the American Revolution.
  • 1882: Start of first maternity hospital in Calcutta.
  • 1910: The Heli Puchal star is seen for the first time in general.
  • 1919: Leslie Irwin of America jumps parachute for the first time.
  • 1936: Anti-Jewish riots begin in Palestine.
  • 1950: Shyama Prasad Mukherjee becomes the first Minister to resign from the Union Cabinet.
  • 1971: India defeated the West Indies and won the Test cricket series.
  • 1972: Bangladesh became a member of the Commonwealth.
  • 1975: India enters the space age by launching its first satellite Aryabhata. It was the first scientific satellite of India.
  • 2011: Former Cuban President Fidel Castro resigned after remaining in the Communist Party of Cuba’s Central Committee for 45 years.

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