I4 year old cracked IIT took admission in IIT ISM Dhanbad


I4 year old cracked IIT took admission in IIT ISM Dhanbad: This time, the new batch of BTech is special in IIT ISM. Here, 10 talented students of extraordinary talent have enrolled in engineering and have enrolled in IIT ISM at the youngest to enroll. All these students are definitely talukas from the ordinary family, but their introduction is extraordinary.

The 10 meritorious people who came from different parts of the country, including

Chattrabhuja, Jyoti Priyadarshini, Yogendra, Vivek, Amarnath are being called Iytians at the age of 14-15 years. Two nights ago, after the nomination, these students got the tag of the IIT-ISM located in Dhanbad. Chaturbhuj Singh Keral, resident of Alwar district of Rajasthan, is the youngest of them. He got admission in IIT in just 14 years and 11 months. Jyoti Priyadarshini’s age in Uttar Pradesh’s Rae Bareli district is only 15 years. They got admission in IIT on Wednesday. Let’s know how these promising people achieved success at such a young age.

After the engineering, IAS wants to make quadrilateral service of the country

The father of Chattrabhuj Singh Keral, who dreams of becoming an engineer from childhood, reared the family by selling junk at Alwar in Rajasthan. Seeing the son’s passion towards studies, Father fulfilled the dreams of his son.

Never allow poverty to come back. For the preparation of IIT, the quadrilateral has made success in IIT in an earlier effort by preparing for the career line coaching and in 14 years and 11 years, the quadrangle has got admission in IIT ISM’s Petroleum Engineering.

At the age, he passed the examination with eight CGPA points of Tenth and now with 14 years passed in the 11th month with the examination of admission in IIT along with the 12th. The quadrilateral says that I have seen poverty, I have seen poverty. After becoming an engineer, I want to become a IAS and serve the country. The quadrangle said that the ISM.

The name was quite heard. After being admitted here today, the dream of becoming an Iyatian has been completed. The quadrilateral is in fifth place among six siblings. Chattrabhuja’s father Lal Chand said that the economic situation is not very good but in front of son’s education, the problems of the people have never been blocked.

Jyoti is away from social media, eight hours a day

Jyoti Priyadarshini, who is enrolled in IIT ISM by passing JEE Advanced examination at the age of just 15, belongs to Bitouda village of Rae Bareli district of Uttar Pradesh. The story of Jyoti’s success is very special. At the age when children are apprehensive about high school and intermediate exams, they have become Iytians. Jyoti’s father Suresh Kumar is a teacher of primary school. Mother Manju Choudhury is the Housewife. Born on April 22, 2004, Jyoti said that he did not study for the eighth year and at the age of 13 he got straight 10th examination. In this examination, he got 89.5 percent marks. Jyoti told that when she was in 12th, she had given an examination for engineering coaching. Although there was a desire to drop an engineering test for just one year but the selection was done in coaching and with the 12th examination, JEE also gave the exam which also got success. Jyoti explained that there was no definite time for their reading, but after studying the JEE Advanced exam, she studied about 7-8 hours a day. There used to be 4-5 hours daily for men’s education. By the way, the 11th and 12th studies for engineering is quite a lot. Jyoti told that the preparation

During that time, he was completely away from other social media and other things that distracted from his other colleagues. In ISM’s mining machinery engineering, Jyoti got category rank 342. Jyoti said that I have a lot of time right now to do better. There is also the option of changing the branch. In the meantime, I will try to get a better institution in engineering. Well I want to enroll in the mining machinery which I got.

Prominent candidates of Chhattisgarh’s Maoist field are also admitted in ISM

17 year old student Yogendra Nath Singh, Vivek Kumar Diwan and Amarnath studied together. Played together and joined together today in IIT ISM. These talented students of the poor families living in far-flung areas of tribal-dominated districts of Chhattisgarh’s Naxal-affected areas have been successful in IIT and have emerged as role models for students like them. The category rank of Yogendra Nath Singh is 516. Yogendra has been admitted to Mathematics and Computing Engineering. Vivek Kumar Diwan’s rank is 554 and he has got admission in Petroleum Engineering. While Amarnath Pacra got mineral engineering. Student Yogendra of Residential School Raipur said that eight students from our school have got success in IIT. Four have got admission in ISM and one each in IIT Delhi, Roorkee, Mandi and BHU. Yogendra said that a student in four has also enrolled here. Yogendra said that from ninth we decided that we had to pass the IIT examination. Vivek told that special preparations are done for the IIT examination in the school. Apart from the class, seven to eight hours were also used for self-study. Yogendra, Vivek, and Amarnath’s father are farmers by profession. He said that the country wants to do better in the engineering sector and serve the country.

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