Jharkhand Election: JDU blamed BJP for the defeat in Jharkhand


Jharkhand Election: JDU blamed BJP for the defeat in Jharkhand: Janata Dal United (JDU) has directly attributed it to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) defeat in Jharkhand. The JDU has clearly stated that the Raghuvar government’s policy against the tribals and not forming alliances in the state are the main reasons for the defeat. JDU Principal General Secretary KC Tyagi said that BJP should take a lesson from this defeat. This is BJP’s fifth consecutive defeat.

Tyagi reminded that in a tribal state that was born to identify and uplift tribals, the BJP made a big mistake by making a non-tribal a CM. More than that, BJP made a big mistake by changing the Little Nagpur Tennessee Act. Raghuvar Das was constantly behaving like a super CM, he started treating his political opponents as enemy. Leaders like Saryu Rai considered their personal enemies.

Asked whether the result of Jharkhand election result will affect the upcoming Bihar election. Tyagi made it clear that Nitish has a government in Bihar and is doing good work. Here the relationship between BJP and JDU leaders is sweet. Nitish Kumar is a strong leader. He has personal ties with BJP leaders. The lesson can be taken from the defeat in Jharkhand that the NDA should be strengthened and the leaders of the coalition be respected.

Why BJP, party MP lost in Jharkhand, gave shocking reason

He said that after the election results of these two states, first Maharashtra and then Jharkhand, the existence of NDA has started to be questioned. After the Maharashtra election results, the NDA lost its oldest ally Shiv Sena. Before Jharkhand elections, Ajsu broke ties with the NDA on the issue of seat sharing. Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) and JDU are already out of the NDA alliance in Jharkhand. In such a situation, questions have started to arise whether things are starting to get worse in the NDA.

BJP will now take this big step, taking a lesson from the defeat in Jharkhand elections

He said that JDU and Akali Dal have been continuously raising questions of coordination and communication gap in NDA. Despite the passage of six years, the BJP has not paid attention to this issue. Questions are also being raised about the way the BJP high command works. The JDU has raised questions on the Citizenship Act (CAA) and the NRC Law (NRC).

JDU President Nitish Kumar has clearly said that there is no question of implementing NRC in Bihar. Significantly, the JDU supported the citizenship law in Parliament. The election result in Jharkhand once again gave DJU a chance to speak.

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