Amritsar Lahore bus service also stopped, buses returned empty from both places, Read what the driver revealed


Amritsar Lahore bus service also stopped, buses returned empty from both places, Read what the driver revealed:

After the removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, the tension between India and Pakistan has also affected the bus service running between Amritsar-Lahore. On Saturday, Pakistan ordered its bus from India and the Indian bus from Lahore was returned empty. There has been no written notification from Pakistan about the closure or suspension of this bus service. According to the driver of the returned bus, the terminal officer of Pakistan verbally spoke to stop the bus service at present.

Let us know that Amritsar-Lahore and Nankana Sahib-Amritsar buses ran as usual on Friday. On Saturday also, both buses crossed each other near Attari at around 10.45 am on Saturday. Earlier both these buses used to reach Atari at different times. This was the first time that these buses plying between Indo-Pak reached Atari at one time. After this it was revealed that Pakistan had just returned its bus from Amritsar empty and returned the Indian bus from Lahore empty.

Amritsar Lahore bus service also stopped, buses returned empty from both places, Read what the driver revealed

Pakistan’s bus leaving Amritsar for Lahore.

Explain that after the abolition of Articles 370 and 35A from Jammu and Kashmir, the Pakistan minister also announced the closure of Indo-Pak bus service. However, Amritsar-Lahore bus service continued even after this. Buses ply between Amritsar-Lahore and Lahore-Amritsar as usual except for Delhi-Lahore and Lahore-Delhi on Friday. The bus, which ran between Delhi and Lahore on Friday, reached JCP Attari at 8.35 am. There were 22 passengers on this bus. Similarly, the bus running between Lahore to Delhi reached JCP at 2 pm and it had a total of 28 passengers.

Two passengers arrived in the bus running between Amritsar-Lahore, while only one passenger traveled from Amritsar to Lahore on Friday. Business continued on Friday at the Integrated Check Post (ICP) attic. A total of six trucks from Pakistan reached ICP Attari, while only one truck from India crossed the zero line to Pakistan. After this, on Saturday, Pakistan took the step of shutting down the Amritsar-Lahore bus service without prior notice.

Amritsar Lahore bus service also stopped, buses returned empty from both places, Read what the driver revealed

Indian bus returned from Lahore.

On Saturday morning the bus from Amritsar to Pakistan left for Lahore without any passengers. With this, India’s bus from Lahore returned to Amritsar empty. According to the driver of the bus in India, the Lahore Bus Terminal official gave oral notice of the bus service being stopped at present and asked to bring the bus to Amritsar empty. The driver said, ‘We have not yet received any official or written statement from Pakistan regarding suspension of bus service. Their terminal officer has just informed verbally. ‘

Bus driver Indra Singh said that Pakistani authorities were asked not to bring Indian bus to Lahore in future. Indra Singh said that he had gone to Pakistan on Friday with this bus. He had no such information until the bus was evacuated this morning. As soon as he started evacuating the bus from Pakistan’s bus terminal, Pak officials came to him.

According to Inder Singh, the managing director of the terminal came to him and said that he should not take a bus to Pakistan. Along with this, the MD also told him that in this regard, he will send information in writing to the Government of India soon. The driver said that the attitude of the Pakistani officers looked quite ruined.

On the other hand, Subhash Chandra, general manager of the international bus terminal in Amritsar, denied receiving any information or message from Pakistan. He said that he has not yet received any written order in this regard.

After returning the bus from Pakistan, the bus driver informed about the developments.

Amritsar-Nankana Sahib bus service was started for Sikh devotees

After independence, 400th Prakash Parv of Sri Guru Granth Sahib was started from Amritsar to Nankana Sahib to Amritsar. On 1 September 2004, when the then Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh reached Amritsar, there was a demand in this regard. After this, on 24 March 2006, Dr. Manmohan Singh flagged off the Pan-Aab bus service. It was then decided to be a new beginning between the two countries.

The pilgrimage for traveling in a 160-km luxury bus between Amritsar-Nankana Sahib was Rs 1,600 in Indian currency and Rs 2,000 in Pakistani currency. Whereas there was a provision of free tickets for children from two years to 12 years.

Amritsar-Lahore bus was decided in September 2005

The decision to run the bus between Amritsar and Lahore was made in the second round of negotiations in September 2005 and was signed on 21 December 2005 in Lahore between the two countries. There was an agreement to start this bus from 20 January 2006. On 20 January 2006, Amritsar bus arrived from Lahore for the first time and on 24 January 2006 the bus left for Lahore for the first time from Amritsar. The first bus to run between Pakistan and Amritsar was named Dosti, which served as a bridge across the Gap in East and West Punjab. The bus traveled 66 kilometers from Amritsar and reached Lahore.

Buses used to run two days a week

The international bus terminal used to run from Amritsar to Nankana Sahib at 9.30 am every Wednesday and Friday. The bus ran from Nankana Sahib to Amritsar two days a week at 9 am every Tuesday and Saturday.

The bus ran between Amritsar and Lahore for two days. The international bus terminus reached Lahore every Tuesday and Saturday from Amritsar. While this bus from Lahore also reaches Amritsar two days a week every Wednesday and Friday.

No message from Pak to close Samjhauta Express: ADRM

Ferozepur On the other hand, ADRM and spokesperson of Ferozepur Railway Division Naresh Kumar Verma has said that no written message has been sent to Indian railway officials from Pakistan regarding Samjhauta Express. He said that the said train will continue to run from India until an official message is received about running this train on Monday. Explain that the Attari-Delhi special train went to Delhi with 117 passengers of Samjhauta Express brought from Wagah to Attari on Thursday.

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