Article 370 | Article 370 Details Explained: Article 370 Latest News On Ladakh, Jammu Kashmir Article 370


Article 370 | Article 370 Details Explained: Article 370 Latest News On Ladakh, Jammu Kashmir Article 370: Article 370 and Article 35A has ben Removed from Jammu and Kashmir. Now Jammu and Kashmir Divided into two parts Jammu and Ladakh union Territories

Section 370 or Article 370 was removed from Kashmir. what does this mean?

Section 370 has not been removed. The restrictions under it have been lifted. It means that the autonomy given to Kashmir, which got different rights, all of them have been removed. Because of which it was said that two marks in one country, two legislations, two heads, all of which will end. Section 370 of the section shall be applicable which says that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India.

Okay, what’s the difference between before and now?

Earlier many constitutional decisions of the Indian Parliament which did not apply to Kashmir, will now apply here like the whole country. Financial decisions that were not yet implemented would also be applicable. This is the reason that the Constituent Assembly which was now in Jammu and Kashmir in the President’s notification has been renamed as Vidhan Sabha. Her name earlier was Constituent Assembly, because like the Parliament of India, she used to make many constitutional decisions. Whether it is the decision to pass the decisions passed in Parliament, whether it is to be rejected. The biggest thing is that now any citizen of the country can live or settle in Kashmir in the same way as he can live or settle in other states.

Why Assembly in Union Territory?

Just like in Delhi, like Puducherry, the assembly will also be held in Jammu and Kashmir. That is, there will be elections in Kashmir. There will be MLAs, there will be Chief Minister, but the center will have authority over police, security, etc. The government there will have to take opinion of every decision, every question from the Lt. Governor. That is, in every way, Jammu and Kashmir will be under the center.

After all, what will be the change?

Everything will change. The three ruling families of Jammu and Kashmir, the Abdullah family, the Mufti family and the third Congress family, will have nothing in their hands. People from all over the country will be able to settle in Kashmir and do business there. In particular, there will be a big boom in the hotel industry. Prior to this, there were many restrictions on the hotel industry. Terrorism will be reduced when people from other countries open up industries here. No such activities will be sheltered. The biggest change will be that the presence of the army there and its expenditure will gradually decrease. There will be rapid development due to the separation of Ladakh. Till now the leaders of the valley did not pay attention to it.

But the common people of Kashmir are very sensitive to Article 370. What about their feelings?

Indeed, three power families in it had made such confusion among the people. The relaxation of this section will benefit the people of that region only. With the removal of this stream, the monopoly of these power families would end, so these families did not even let anyone think about this stream.

When will these new changes come into force?

The relaxation of Article 370 has been implemented immediately with the President’s notification. Now in the Parliament, the only restructuring bill has to be passed. In which J & K and Ladakh are to be made separate Union Territories. This will be the same as Chhattisgarh formed after separating from MP. Jharkhand was carved out of Uttar Pradesh and separated from Uttarakhand and Bihar.

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