Jammu and Kashmir: Indian Army Killed 7 Pakistani Border Action Team commando in Keran Sector know about BAT: Security forces have been successful in Kupwara, Jammu and Kashmir. Indian Army jawans have foiled a major infiltration attempt by Pakistan’s Border Action Team in the Keran sector. During the past 36 hours, the security forces have killed 5-7 Pakistani BAT commandos and terrorists.

Total 7 Bat Soldier Killed

In the last 36 hours, Indian Army has foiled an infiltration attempt by a Pakistani BAT (Border Action Team) squad in Keran Sector. 5-7 Pakistani army regulars / terrorists eliminated, their bodies are lying on the LoC, not retrieved yet due to heavy firing. (Source: Indian Army).

From the Kel Kulli area in the Keron sector, the BAT commandos of the Pakistani army crossed the Line of Control (LoC) to make a major attack on India’s advance monitoring post. Cautious soldiers deployed in India’s surveillance post saw the bat commandos. As soon as the Bat commandos arrived ahead from the LoC, the soldiers started firing in protest and killed 5 to 7.

It is being told that the dead bodies of bat commandos and terrorists are still lying on the LoC. Due to heavy firing, the corpses could not be removed from there. Still continued firing from both Karf. The Indian Army has also provided evidence of the killing of the terrorists. The army has released satellite photographs of 4 of the bat commandos and terrorists killed. According to the information, this action has been taken during the last 36 hours.

According to the army, in the last 36 hours, several attempts have been made by the Pakistan Army to infiltrate terrorists. The Pakistani army is trying to infiltrate the terrorists of Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) and many other terrorist organizations in Jammu and Kashmir. According to the army officer, in the last three days, Pakistan has made several efforts to disrupt peace by targeting the Amarnath Yatra.

The Pakistani Border Action Team (BAT) attempted to infiltrate at midnight on 31 July and 1 August. Continued shelling of Pakistani posts in the Keran sector The Pakistan Army is using a variety of weapons to infiltrate terrorists.

What is BAT, how does it work?

BAT means Pakistani Border Action Team, a team that transcends all limits of cruelty.
Bat commandos have been accused of mutilating the bodies of Indian soldiers many times.

  • Allegations of cutting of head of Shahid Hemraj were also on the Bat Commando.
  • In this team the terrorists are also involved with Army commandos.
  • Bat battles between one to three kilometers in the Indo-Pak border.
  • PAT Rangers give them cover firing whenever the bat comes out to hunt the Indian Army on the border.
  • Bat commandos are trained in Pakistan Army Camp.
  • They are trained to kill in snow, water, wind, forest and field.
  • They carry high energy food with them.

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