Jammu and Kashmir Issue: If the situation is normal in Kashmir, then why are the shops behind Doval Saheb closed? Panelists involved in anchor in debate:

After the removal of article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, the central government says that the situation in the state is improving. On Friday, the government removed Section 144 from Jammu. At the same time, for the last two-three days, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval has been camping in the Kashmir Valley to take stock of security conditions. On Saturday (10 August 2019) he was seen roaming the streets in Anantnag.

During this, he was seen interacting with the local people. Explain that Section 144 is applicable for the sixth consecutive day in many areas including Srinagar. For the sixth consecutive day in the valley, services without phone and internet have been closed. Lieutenant General and Commander of Srinagar 15th Corps KJS Dhillon said that the situation is normal in Kashmir as of today.

Current Situation in Jammu and Kashmir

The current situation in Kashmir was discussed in a live debate program of a private TV news channel when the situation in Jammu and Kashmir was discussed. During the discussion, BJP national spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi said that despite taking such a big decision, no incident has come out from Jammu and Kashmir so far. After this, the host of the show, Chitra Tripathi, tells political analyst Tehseen Punawala, who is on the panel, ‘Photos are also continuously coming out. NSA Ajit Doval is also constantly trying to win the hearts of the people there. Life in Jammu and Kashmir is slowly returning, but it should be welcomed.’

Poonawalla said as soon as the host said this, “I congratulate the BJP that they have fulfilled their election promise to remove article 370.” I also saw pictures of Ajit Doval Sahab on social media. All the pictures are good but why are all the shops seen in these pictures closed? Sudhanshu ji is saying that the situation is normal but there was a complete curfew in Kargil yesterday, how can the situation in Ladakh be called normal?’

AajTak Live Video from his Twitter Handle

Anchor says as much as Poonawala says, ‘Don’t you know why these shops are closed? There are some unruly elements that can spoil the atmosphere there. ”After this Poonawala stops the anchor in the middle and says,“ If an elderly person has to go to the hospital, how will he call an ambulance. You only said that internet and landline services are closed in the state. ‘

Anchor Poonawalla’s response to this response says on Jammu and Kashmir Issue, “I have also visited the valley and for your information let me tell you that hospitals are open there.” People are moving out of the houses. It is not that they have been held hostage.’

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