Jammu and Kashmir: Schools to open in Jammu and Kashmir from next week: Chief Secretary:

The emphasis of the government is now to normalize the situation in Jammu and Kashmir as soon as possible after the reshuffling of Article 370. Jammu and Kashmir Chief Secretary BVR Subramaniam made it clear at the press conference that the situation is completely normal in 12 of the 22 districts. Subramaniam said that schools will start opening in the region one by one next week. Government offices have been fully opened since Friday.

What thay Said

He said that life will start to look normal as soon as the ban is lifted. He claimed that this is already looking normal on the roads. Traffic on the road is moving normally.

Here, during the hearing on a petition, the Central Government has also said that the ban will be lifted within a few days. Explain that since the reshuffle in Article 370, there have been curfew-like conditions in Kashmir for almost ten days. A large number of armed jawans have been deployed and people are not allowed to go unhindered.

‘Neither killed nor injured’

Jammu and Kashmir Chief Secretary Subramaniam said that during the ban imposed after the change in Article 370, no one was killed and no one was seriously injured. It is the success of the government, administration and security forces that the situation remained normal in Jammu and Kashmir these days and no such incident took place.

Telephone service will be restored in a phased manner

Subramanian said that the process of gradually normalizing the situation in Kashmir is continuing. He said that in some areas telephone service has been restored and in other areas telephone and phone lines are being restored in a phased manner. Internet service is also being restored in the same manner.

Jammu and Kashmir: Despite Pakistan nefarious efforts, there is no loss of life and property in Jammu and Kashmir, schools will open from Monday

Let us tell you that before the change in Article 370 and the decision to divide Jammu and Kashmir into two parts, a number of restrictions were imposed. A large number of armed forces were deployed throughout the region. All the top leaders of the state were first detained, but later arrested. The movement of people was also banned. Phone lines were shut down and Internet service was also suspended. However, in many areas these services are being gradually restored.

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