Pak is also playing tricks with China, orders to keep half beds empty in the hospitals of slave Kashmir

Pak is also playing tricks with China, orders to keep half beds empty in the hospitals of slave Kashmir

The Pakistani army has also been involved in conspiracies in Ladakh amid increasing tension from China to India. Perhaps this is why operational preparations in the areas adjacent to the Line of Control have intensified. Despite the Corona infection, the Pakistan Army was directed to keep 50 per cent beds in the hospitals of slave Kashmir reserved for the Pakistani Army.

Similarly, three airbases of Pakistani Air Force have also been kept on alert. A team of Chinese Air Force officers has also reportedly reviewed their airbase. However, the Indian Army is already vigilant and is vigilant to give a befitting reply to every plot.

According to relevant sources, China has violated the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in East Ladakh and North East India only after finalizing the entire strategy with Pakistan. He said that during the month of May when the Chinese action started in East Ladakh, a group of officials of the Public Liberation Army (PLA) of China were in Ghulam Kashmir.

The team stayed there for about 10-12 days and visited several advance posts and some special terrorist camps of the Pakistani Army there. Internet services also stop in POK. There has been a spurt in shelling on Indian bases from the same areas for the last two months.

He told that six days ago, Pakistani Army General Qamar Javed Bajwa has written a letter to Health Minister Muhammad Najib Naki Khan of Ghulam Kashmir. In this, he has asked to keep 50 percent beds in all hospitals in Ghulam Kashmir reserved for the army, as well as complete arrangement of blood bank. He said that along with this, three big airbases of Pakistani Air Force Khandwari, Rahim Yarkhan and Sakkhar have also been put on alert. These airbases also had a squad of officers of the previous Chinese Air Force. Since last Monday, there has been an unusual increase in the number of practice flights of Pakistani Army fighters from these airbases.

Sources said that in four months, the Pakistani Army has kept its operational corps active in various parts of Hiranagar, Chamba and Ghulam Kashmir. In addition, he has deployed the Artillery and Armed Regiment in front of Poonch and in the front of Neelam Valley. Apart from this, his activities have intensified in Chakotti area.

Just understand the meaning of Pakistan’s preparedness: Defense experts say that these activities of Pakistani Army can be taken in two ways. The first is that Pakistan feels that India can attack to liberate slave Kashmir at any time or else it will take major action against terrorist bases located in slave Kashmir. Second, it is seeking to take advantage of India’s ongoing military tensions with China.

Everyone knows that China’s interference in Pakistan has increased a lot. In many cases, the army takes action at the behest of China in slave Kashmir. Therefore, if tensions in India and China increase, China would like to get help from the hospital in Ghulam Kashmir, Pakistan’s airbase and the army. Apart from this, Pakistan’s army is also planning to repeat Kargil in North Kashmir in the event of India’s war with China.

Army ready to answer: He said that the Indian Army is not only constantly monitoring the military activities of China, but it is also constantly assessing the actions of the Pakistani army in slave Kashmir. The Army has made its best preparations to deal with the plans of the Pakistani Army. China has also shrugged off the response it received in Galvan in eastern Ladakh and is increasing its deployment of troops to protect its honor.

He told that General MM Narwane himself has taken stock of the situation in Ladakh. During this time he has also discussed the possible activities of the Pakistani Army with the Northern Command Chief. According to sources, the Indian Army understands the intentions of China and the Pakistani Army, on the basis of that it has also made fortifications of both the fronts simultaneously.

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