Samjhauta Express reached Delhi with 76 Indian and 41 Pakistani


Samjhauta Express reached Delhi with 76 Indian and 41 Pakistani nationals: Samjhauta Express has reached Delhi with 76 Indian and 41 Pakistani nationals. On Thursday, Samjhauta Express was canceled by Pakistan and Pakistani drivers and guides returned to their homeland leaving the train at Attari railway station. After this, Indian drivers and guides left the Attari railway station at 1.30 pm. In the morning, Samjhauta Express has reached Old Delhi Railway Station.

After the removal of privileges granted under Article 370 to Jammu and Kashmir, the same proverb is right for Pakistan that is reacting – ‘Khisiya cat pillar noche’. Pakistan has taken many strange decisions in the last 24 hours in a row. One of those decisions is to hinder the operation of Samjhauta Express.

Pakistan put a barrier on the Samjhauta Express running between the two countries and stopped it in the middle, saying that it would not send its driver. India hurriedly sent its staff to bring the train. The train returned to the attic station with an Indian engine.

A total of 117 passengers reached India by Samjhauta Express on Thursday. Of these, 76 are Indians and 41 are Pakistani citizens. Samjhauta Express reached Attari Border at 5:15 pm today. After the removal of its railway staff from Pakistan, India sent its staff, after which the Indian engine was attached to the train and it was sent after the permission of the local administration. The train reached Attari railway station around 5:30 pm.

Besides stalling the Samjhauta Express, Pakistan has halted bilateral trade. Apart from this, Pakistan has taken unilateral action by banning Indian cinema, Samjhauta Express and airspace. Pakistan has taken many such steps, due to which it is believed to go into the trough. Apart from the removal of Article 370, Pakistan has also talked about raising the issue of Kashmir in the UN Security Council.

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