UNSE: Pakistan is spreading violence in the name of Jihad in the UNSC on Kashmir issue: Akbaruddin, India’s permanent envoy to the United Nations, said that removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir is an internal matter of India. The decision taken on Kashmir should not make any sense to outsiders. Akbaruddin said that Pakistan is spreading violence in India in the name of Jihad. He said that we stand on our policy as usual.

Akbaruddin Said in UNSE

On the Kashmir issue, Akbaruddin said that all issues will be resolved through dialogue. Violence is not the solution to any issue. At the same time, Akbaruddin said that Pakistan must stop spreading terrorism. Akbaruddin said that India is committed to maintaining peace in Jammu and Kashmir.

He said, ‘We have long ago held that Jammu and Kashmir is an internal matter of India and Article 370 is attached to the Indian Constitution. Recently, the decision taken by the Government of India and our Legislative Bodies has been taken to promote good governance. This decision has been taken in view of social and economic development of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh.

What Akbaruddin Said on Phone

At the same time, in a phone conversation Akbaruddin said, ‘The world knows how India has won in the UN Security Council on this matter. The diplomats cannot tell everyone what has happened in the closed chambers, but you know that the attempt of two countries (China and Pakistan) failed. I have told the whole thing in front of the world.

He said, ‘I am the representative of democratic India. We are proud that we are representatives of a democratic country, who openly express their opinion. Democratic countries do not do the work of making their opinions international. You saw that we put our side in the Security Council.

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