Kargil Vijay Diwas: Learn how only four people in Pakistan had created the whole plot of Kargil

Kargil Vijay Diwas: Learn how only four people in Pakistan had created the whole plot of Kargil: Whenever it comes to Karigal, then there is also mention about the defeat of Pakistan. Victory Day is also celebrated on 26th July every year in India as anniversary of annihilating Pakistan with Kargil peaks. Whenever Kargil is mentioned in India, then the Shaurya Gathas appear, whereas in Pakistan, Kargil Gang of Four is remembered as the terrible mistakes. This is probably the reason why four top executives of Kargil are also known as Gang of Four or Dirty Four.

In this article, we will look at the Gang of Four and their childish mistakes. First know briefly where is Kargil? And how Indian forces killed Pakistani infiltrators with Kargil, and how Pakistan has become a world-wide country. Kargil is a part of Jammu and Kashmir. This slave is situated in the Indian border within 10 km of Kashmir (Pakistan occupied Kashmir) within LoC. In 1999, Pakistani infiltrators had captured Kargil peaks by fraud. From May to July 1999, the Indian Army, through Operation Vijay, forced not only the intruders to escape from here, but also exposed Pakistan to the whole world.

Indian army killed 700-1200 soldiers of Pakistan Since, Pakistani intruders had captured Kargil peaks, due to this, 527 martyrs were also killed by India. India not only dug dust to Pakistan on the LoC, but also sealed Pakistan in the sea. This affected his sea trade, and later the then Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif admitted that if the war with India was to go, he had only six days of oil left. That is, Pakistan’s fighter aircraft would stand in the absence of fuel, the forces could not move from one place to another and the economy of the country would collapse. This is all because of the Dirty game of Gang of Four.

Who was Pakistan’s Dirty Four

Kargil Vijay Diwas: Learn how only four people in Pakistan had created the whole plot of Kargil 1

General Pervez Musharraf, General Aziz, General Mehmood and Brigadier Javed Hassan were the four men who had made the entire plan of Kargil. General Pervez Musharraf was the Pakistani army chief at that time, who had former commandos. General Aziz was Chief of General Staff. He had also lived in ISI and during that time his responsibility was of Kashmir, it was his job to send terrorists to the Indian border in the name of jehad, and it was his job to spread unrest in Kashmir. Gen. Mahmud was the core commander of the 10th Corps and Brig Javed Hasan was in charge of Force Commander Northern Infantry. Earlier he had also been the ambassador of Pakistan to the US.

All four made plans for Kargil and thought that if India tries to remove us from Kargil, then it will have to move its forces from Kashmir. Dirty Four was planning that if India did this then its position in Kashmir would be spoiled. In this way they send more Mujahideen (terrorists) to Kashmir. After infiltrating into Jammu and Kashmir, the intruders will be hit there, thus India will have to fight on two fronts, the whole plot to trap India in guerrilla warfare was the brainchild of all these four.

Blame for nuclear power

On this plan of Gang of Four, someone objected to what would happen in that situation, if India opened a front on the international border in exchange for Kargil, then Dirty Four had said that now there is nothing to fear, India can not do it, because now we are also nuclear power. Let us know that in 1998, Pakistan tested nuclear bombs. This assessment of these four proved to be right and India did not open the front of the international border, but on the peak of Kargil, the bodies of Pakistani infiltrators were laid.

Over 140 posts held by India

The purpose of sending these 200 people to Kargil was to capture India’s 10-12 post. Training of Mujahideen or terrorists is not at all that level, so Dirty Four sent 200 soldiers of his army to Kargil in the form of Mujahideen. 200 soldiers of Pakistani army reached Karigal till March, in the form of mujahideen The plan was to capture the post 10-12, but there were all posts empty there. By reaching Kargil, these intruders began seeking help from their masters, and help also came from there. In this way the intruders captured over 140 posts of India in Kargil and Drass sector. The initial intention was to intrude in 10km, but in the end, it entered into the Indian territory by about 300 square kilometers. So far, India had no information about this dangerous plan of Pakistan. On some occasions, India got information about the intruders in May for the first time. Even then, India did not know whether it was a terrorist or a Pakistani Army soldier. Since he was sitting in a post on peaks, he also started firing.

Now that it was planned by Dirty Four, it was now bigger than that. As the intruders were moving forward, the plan was getting even bigger. After some radio communication, India finally came to know that these intruders are not terrorists but the soldiers of the Pakistan Army. Finally, on May 29, 1999, it was reported in the Indian media for the first time that the Kargil peaks are not terrorists but the soldiers of the Pakistan Army and now the Indian Army also acknowledged that the Pakistan Army is a soldier. Earlier, the Indian Army had started an operation to evacuate its land from the intruders.

How did this Gang of Four put Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in the dark and then how he got involved in his plan. In this regard, on Friday, 26th July, we will talk in detail in the second episode and also show how Pakistan’s friend China opened the pole of his secret move.

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