Kerala: Unique art of the Sophisticated confluence: Kasaragod, the language of Kasaragod, is a tribute to Kannada language as it flags off the Kasargod Kalotsavam. Report by Kannada actor Siju Kannan on the unique art form of Kasaragod

After a quarter century, the Yakshagana is full of youth when the kasako dies. The Yakshagana originated on the Karnataka-Kerala border is part of the Tulu-Kannada culture.

When the Kalotsavam reached Kasargod in 1991, the demand for the Yakshagana was made.
The following year, the Yakshagana was introduced as an exhibition item. The venue later became a competition

In the Yakshagana, Kasargod had no rivalry in the Kalotshotsa. The Yakshagana has now become a representation item in 14 districts. There is joy in watching the Yakshagana at the Kalotsavam stage.

Yakshagana is commonly known as Kannada art form. It originated in Kasaragod Kumbala. The Yakshagana was popularized by Kumbala Parthisubba, Sheni Gopalakrishna Bhatt and Chandragiri Ambu. The Yakshagana became more and more popular with the adolescent art competition.

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