Kulbhushan Jadhav Case: What Pakistan Says on ICJ Reports: Indian Navy Officer Kulbhushan Jadhav received great relief from the International Court. ICJ has given instructions to Pakistan to review the execution of Kulbhushan. This decision is being seen as India’s big victory. This decision of the International Court of Justice has a happy atmosphere across the country. At the same time, Bollywood celebrities have expressed happiness on this.

Case of Kulbhushan Jadhav in the ICJ, advocate Harish Salve is fighting. Javed Akhtar congratulated him for this victory and wrote on Twitter: Congratulations Harish ji You’ve got another big achievement. India is proud of you.

Congratulations Harish ji, one more feather in your already Already “over feathered” cap India is proud of you

Explain that Kulbhushan Jadhav was arrested by security agencies of Pakistan from Balochistan. A fake passport was also recovered from him. One of whom was Hussain Mubarak Patel. Jadhav himself has given the Kubulanama on the charges against him. Pakistans have alleged that Kulbhushan Jadhav is a raw agent who had entered into Pakistan with the intention of carrying out espionage and terror activities. In Pakistan’s court, Jadhav was allowed to keep his side. After this the military court had given the final verdict on it.

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