Maharashtra Flood: After the selfie controversy, now a video of the minister of Maharashtra floating in the flood came out: The BJP has shared a video of Maharashtra government minister Girish Mahajan caught in controversies after the selfie on the boat went viral during the Maharashtra flood. Sharing a video from his Twitter handle, it has been written on behalf of the BJP that Maharashtra minister Girish Mahajan was swimming in the flood affected village. At the same time, it is written that in this way the BJP wins the trust of everyone.

Significantly, five-time MLA and Minister Girish Mahajan went to Sangli (sangali) in Maharashtra on Saturday. While touring in the flood affected areas, he took a selfie while laughing on a boat. After this selfie went viral on social media, people expressed their displeasure. During this time, many people called Girish Mahajan even a selfie BJP minister.

What people Says

In such a situation, it is being said that to handle that incident, BJP has now shared this video.

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