PM Modi to provoke opposition in the election meeting, said- ‘Drown, drown …’ :  Akola: The Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi, addressed a huge public meeting in Akola, Maharashtra today, and during this he spoke many things. Actually here, Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned the development work done for Maharashtra. From the stage, Modi also targeted opponents. During this time PM Modi also mentioned Jammu and Kashmir and he said, “There will be no district of Maharashtra from where the brave soldiers who have gone will not have sacrificed for the peace of Jammu and Kashmir.” With this, he said, “It must have been in the heart of the brave jawan of Maharashtra that I have come from the land of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, I will not even let the heat come on the country.” The masterminds who came out in front of the bombings escaped, escaped and made a base in enemy countries. Today, this country asks them how such great criminals have escaped. ”

At the same time, in his talks, PM Modi targeted the opponents and said, “He knew that his pole was about to open, he knew that his actions would come out, so he was scared.” Therefore, for the last few days, they started to discredit the investigating agencies and discredit the central government. Times have changed The country will take the answer to every action. “Further on the platform, PM Modi said, referring to the government’s plans,” From Ujjwala scheme to housing scheme, the benefits of Ayushman scheme to Mudra scheme to all sections of the society Are getting. In the last 5 years, the Center and the Government of Maharashtra have done unprecedented work in the field of electricity. The result of this is that now Akola, Maharashtra is getting enough electricity. The poor have got free electricity connections under the Saubhagya scheme. Earlier, packages were announced in the name of Vidarbha but they did not reach here, earlier, the money that the government used to send was deposited in the middlemen’s pockets. Now every help given to the farmer by the central and Maharashtra government is directly reaching the farmers’ accounts.

Moving forward in his talk, PM Modi asked for a strong government in his blessings, saying, “Today I want to make a stronger government than before, to form a government with strong intentions, a government that stands firmly with you To build, I have come to seek your blessings. We are proud of the sons of Maharashtra who sacrificed their lives for Jammu and Kashmir, and today the politics of politics. These people, immersed in warth and their family, are engaged in saying what Maharashtra has to do with Jammu and Kashmir, die, drown. PM Modi to provoke opposition in the election meeting, said- ‘Drown, drown …’

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