Bowman Kohinoor, owner of famous restaurant Britannia & Co, dies


Bowman Kohinoor, owner of famous restaurant Britannia & Co, dies: Boman Kohinoor, the owner of Mumbai’s popular restaurant Britannia & Co, has passed away. He was ill for the last two weeks. He was being treated in a large hospital in Mumbai. He died suddenly on Wednesday evening after which he died. He was 97, after his death, his family as well as his loved ones are shocked.

He died after around 4.45 pm on 25 September afternoon. Let us tell you that the restaurant Britannia & Co was started in 1923 by his father, who after his death, he and his children were taking care of that restaurant.

Big fan of british dynasty

Bowman Kohinoor was a big fan of the British dynasty. He dreamed of meeting members of the royal family. A video went viral when William and Kate Middleton of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge came to India. In which Boman Kohinoor was requesting to meet the prince and princess. Finally, Bowman gets a chance to meet and make his dream come true.

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