Alert in Delhi: Security of CRPF camps increased in Delhi after intelligence alert

Alert in Delhi: Security of CRPF camps increased in Delhi after intelligence alert

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Alert in Delhi: Militants targeting the security forces in Jammu and Kashmir are now planning an attack on the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) camp. A fresh intelligence alert has been issued claiming a possible terror attack in Delhi.

The alert issued by the intelligence agencies stated that terrorist and anti-social elements are planning terrorist attacks in Delhi. The CRPF has asked all its units in the national capital as well as in the Northern Territory to increase the security of all installations as well as to increase additional security at such locations. Unit chiefs have been asked to keep round the clock security of their camps and send details to the headquarters.

Let us know that a few days ago, terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir were once again planning a Pulwama-like attack on the security forces, but the conspiracy was thwarted by the police and security forces personnel. The terrorists were to target 20 vehicles of the security forces by putting IEDs in a car, which would contain around 400 CRPF personnel.

This was intercepted by the security forces and later the bomb disposal squad took the car to an empty spot and defused it. Earlier, the plan to carry out this attack was planned on the day of Jang-e-Badr, but the police did not let any security lapse on their part, due to which the terrorists were not able to succeed in their plan. Police has claimed that three terrorists were involved in this attack.

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