Bois Locker Room News: A minor girl was talking about rape by creating a fake ID


Bois Locker Room News: A minor girl was talking about rape by creating a fake ID

New Delhi: An investigation into the Bois Locker Room case has revealed that Snapchat was allegedly in conversation between two persons in which ‘sexual harassment’ was talked about. Through a fake profile by a Nabakig girl through a fictitious name ‘Siddharth’ he did all this to know the values ​​and character of another minor boy. Delhi Cyber ​​Cell investigation revealed that more than 20 members were chatting in the boys locker room on the social media platform Instagram and also having indecent pictures of the girl, having a gang rape-like chat with the girl was.

After all the chats of the boys’ locker room group appeared on the public platform in social media, the cyber cell of Delhi Police started an investigation under the IT Act and arrested the group’s administrator living in Noida. A minor has also been caught by cyber cell. More than 24 students have also been questioned from cyber cell.

In its investigation, the cyber cell found that screenshots of alleged chats between members of the Boys’ Locker Room group were available in the public domain. On their basis, a boy was identified and arrested soon after registering the case and the mobile phone used in the crime was seized. The information of the rest of the group was collected, where they live, where they study, how they got acquainted with each other, after identifying all the 24 boys, they were interrogated and their mobile phones in forensic lab for investigation. Has been sent.

Among the many screenshots shared on many social media platforms, there is a screenshot of a one-to-one Snapchat conversation where a man named ‘Siddharth’ is suggesting a girl plan a provocative sexual assault on another person. Investigation has revealed that the alleged Snapchat conversation is actually between a girl and a boy in which the girl is sending a chat message through a fictional Snapchat account named ‘Siddharth’.

Using a fake identity of a male man, he suggested in a chat, a plan to sexually harass himself. The purpose of sending such a chat message using a fake, fictitious identity was to examine the receiver boy’s reaction and the strength of his character, especially when someone himself talks bad things about the girl.

The girl, after knowing this fact, closed the fake account created by the name Siddharth, but by then the group’s chat and screen shots had gone viral on social media. After this, the story of talking and porn chat between school students had come all over and had become a point of debate too. The investigation of cyber cell has now revealed that there is no other incitement to plan to rape and gang-rape the girl but only a girl is doing a fake account with the ID of a boy named Siddharth.

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