Bouncers enter the washroom ask what are you doing?’ This same sex couple misbehaved in the club!


Bouncers enter the washroom ask what are you doing?’ This same sex couple misbehaved in the club: Two women of nearly twenty years accused that they were expelled on July 28 from a Chennai hotel based on their behavior. Although the hotel has alleged that other guests were upset with their sensitivity. Let’s say the two women who were taken out of the hotel are named Rasika Gopalakrishnan and Shivangi Singh.

In the matter, Gopalakrishnan wrote in his Facebook post, ‘Me and my friend decided to go to’ The State Hotel ‘bar on Saturday (July 27, 2019) night. During dancing, there were four to five men who were standing in the bar and constantly staring us, it made us very uncomfortable. ‘Facebook Post further wrote,’ As far as we knew, I was just as much as we did. Yet we got so much inappropriate attention? Why was it so difficult to digest that two of the same sex were doing dance together?

According to Rasika and Shivangi, both went to the washroom. Rasika Gopalakrishnan said, ‘After some time we heard a loud voice at our door. Both of us were asked to come out of the washroom outside. In a few moments, four male bouncers and a female bouncer were present inside the washroom. They forcibly asked us what we both were doing inside the washroom. They accused us of doing something. He warned us that other guests had lodged complaints against him. He told us to go from the bar immediately and we got out of there.’

According to Gopal Krishan Complaint

According to Gopal krishnan’s complaint, ‘he and his friend were not thinking about their own business nor abused them in the hotel without quarreling with other guests.’ He further said that we are surprised how the hotel Can kick them and their friend out without the decency to give them the right reason. He further said that such abusive and unprofessional behavior by the staff is unacceptable. How dare they believe that we will do something.

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