Chandrayaan 2 mission: Ex-RSS Activist Sambhaji Bhide says- US Moon Mission Successful As They Launched On Ekadashi


Chandrayaan 2 mission: Ex-RSS Activist Sambhaji Bhide says- US Moon Mission Successful As They Launched On Ekadashi:

Hinduist leader Sambhaji Bhide, who is in the news for his strange statements, said on Monday that the US was successful in its 39th attempt to send its spacecraft to the moon because it sent it on ‘Ekadashi day’.

His statement has come in the wake of reports of him losing contact in the last moments of India’s Chandrayaan-2 campaign. Bhide, a former RSS activist, said at an event in Solapur, “America tried to send its spacecraft to the lunar surface 38 times before, but it failed every time.”

He claimed that after repeated failures, an American scientist suggested adopting the Indian time calculation. Following this, the US succeeded in its 39th attempt. Earlier, Bhide had said in Nashik, ‘Many couples have received the son Ratna after eating mangoes in their garden.’

ISRO official said

At the same time, an ISRO official said on Monday that the ‘Chandrayaan-2’ lander ‘Vikram’ is in complete condition on the moon’s surface and it is not broken. However, due to ‘hard landing’ it has bowed and every effort is being made to re-establish it. On Saturday, Vikram lost contact with ISRO’s control room in the final moments of the ‘soft landing’ attempt when it was 2.1 kilometers above the lunar surface. There is also a rover named ‘Pragyan’ inside the lander.

An ISRO official associated with the mission said on Monday, “According to the photographs sent from the orbiter’s camera, it was a” hard landing “very close to the designated place. The lander is there, its pieces are not broken. He is in a leaning position. “We are doing our best to establish contact with the lander,” the official said. “Here, a team in ISRO’s Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network (ISTRAC) is engaged in this task.” Chandrayaan-2 consists of an orbiter, lander (Vikram) and rover (Pragyan). The mission period of the lander and rover is equal to one lunar day i.e. 14 days of the Earth.

ISRO Chairman K.K. Sivan said on Saturday that the Indian space agency would try for 14 days to contact the lander. He repeated this thing once after getting the picture of the lander on Sunday.

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