Google created Doodle on Kamini Roy today, know who she is: Google has dedicated its doodle to Kamini Roy on Saturday 12 October. Born on 12 October 1864 in Bengal, Kamini Roy was a Bengali poetess and great educationist. Today i.e. 12 October is the 155th birth anniversary of Kamini Roy. She is the first Indian woman graduate before independence. Kamini received an Honors degree in 1886 during the British rule.

Kamini Roy’s brother Mayor

Her brother from Bengal’s rich family was the Mayor of Kolkata. At the same time, his sister was a doctor in Nepal’s royal family. It is worth mentioning that Kamini Roy graduated at a time when Indian society was suffering from many kinds of malpractices and women were not allowed to go out of home and take education. Rich in versatility, Kamini did a BA Hons in Sanskrit from Bethun College and started working as a teacher in the same college. Kamini Roy’s brother from Bengal’s rich family was the Mayor of Kolkata.

Worked for female education and widows

Apart from teaching, Kamini Roy also worked for women education and widowed women. In 1883, many suggestions were made by Lord Ripon for administrative reforms in India. Which is known as Ilbert Bill. Kamini Roy supported the Ilbert Bill. The Ilbert Bill suggested for the first time that Indian judges could hear cases against European citizens. However, Lord Ripon’s suggestions were strongly opposed by European citizens, which is known as white rebellion. Later, under pressure from European citizens, Lord Ripon had to bow down and withdraw the bill.

Dedicated to women

After the death of husband Kedar Nath Roy in 1905, Kamini Roy completely dedicated herself to the fight for women’s rights. Kamini fought fiercely to spread awareness among women and to give them equal rights in society. He started a movement to give women the right to vote. As a result, in 1926, women got the right to vote for the first time. This great social worker and poetess died in 1933.


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