Ground Report in Ayodhya Case: Ayodhya movement aggravated by Supreme verdict, #RamMandir #AyodhyaCase #AyodhyaHearing

Ground Report in Ayodhya Case: Ayodhya movement aggravated by Supreme verdict: The city of Ayodhya, known as Lord Rama for years, is waiting for its future decision. As soon as the decision is taken in the country’s largest court, the rumor has increased in Ayodhya city. However, the hearing is just over. It is time for the verdict to come but since the imposition of Section 144, there is a strange movement in the mind of the people.

Something big is going to happen in Ayodhya

Something big is going to happen in Ayodhya. The number of people coming to Ayodhya from outside has also increased suddenly. Discussions have intensified since Ayodhya’s decision. People visiting the proposed model of Ram temple in Karsevakapuram have also increased.

The number of visitors has started increasing

Wherever one hundred and one hundred and fifty people used to come in Ayodhya in a day, now seven hundred to eight hundred people are also coming in every day. Families from Madhubani, Darbhanga, Bihar, say that after visiting the Ram Janmabhoomi, seeing the model of the temple at Karsevakapuram, the heart is a little hopeless, otherwise it is disturbing to see a glimpse of Lord Ram after passing through a corridor like a jail. has gone.

Hazari Prasad

Hazari Prasad, who lives in Karsevakapuram and looks after the model of the temple, is a resident of Shahjahanpur. Ayodhya came to do service for the temple, the same day the disputed structure was demolished. After that, he lost an eye in chaos. Since then, we sit here and show people the model of the temple and explain in detail about the aspiration, whose hopes for its completion are now reverberating in their hearts.

Closed stone carving workshop

Manas Bhawan is just a short distance away from Karsevakapuram. Where today the stone carving workshop for the Ram temple has come to a standstill. A few days ago, there has been silence since the death of an artisan.

However, VHP leader Sharad Sharma says that he is now waiting for the last moment of judgment and as soon as the decision comes, there are preparations to bring at least 250 women from Rajasthan and Gujarat to the workshop, who are carved from pillars. Will clean Kai and Gadar completely. Sharad says that if the decision comes in favor, then we are ready to work on war level.

So how long will it take?

Hansmukh bhai, the director of the workshop, who hails from Gujarat, says that the basic work for the construction of the proposed two-storey temple has already been completed. Seventy percent of the work is completed for the construction of the first floor. If the verdict comes in favor of the temple, first of all the pillars from the workshop and the stones named Ram, brought from all over the country, will be delivered to the place of birth. But if anyone thinks that a Ram temple will be built in a year and a half, then it is impossible.

According to the cheerful brother, even after the decision comes, it will take four to five years to build the temple. The decision of the temple may be too late to come. But the Yogi government has made a plan to light five and a half lakh lamps on all the ghats of Ayodhya on the night of Diwali i.e. till the next month, there may be a cloud of doubt about the decision, but there is no doubt that Ayodhya will remain in the headlines.

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