India China Tension: After 25 days later Chinese soldiers back on LAC

The withdrawal of Chinese troops at Patrolling Point 17 (Hot Spring area) has been completed today, just 25 days after the bloody clash between India and China in eastern Ladakh. According to Indian Army sources of the news agency ANI, the process of retreating between India and China simultaneously at Patrolling Point-14, Patrolling Point-15 and Patrolling Point-17 is over. The Chinese Army is withdrawing from the Finger Area of ​​Ladakh.

Chinese troops retreated two kilometers

Chinese troops retreated two kilometers from the Hot Spring area on Thursday. Under the mutual agreement between the two countries, Chinese troops have retreated two kilometers from the Patrolling Point 14, Patrolling Point-15, Patrolling Point 17 and Patrolling Point 17A area. With this, the Indian Army has also retreated from these places two kilometers. From the areas that were its patrol points until the first week of May and the Chinese started construction along the Line of Actual Control (LAC). This mutual agreement was reached between the two countries in the bloody clash that took place on 15 June, so that There should not be any confrontation situation.

Commander-level talks between the two countries

In the first week of May in eastern Ladakh, two rounds of military and diplomatic level negotiations took place between the two countries before the tensions began in two months after the dispute over Chinese troops encroaching LAC. At the first meeting of the corps commanders on 6 June it was agreed to resolve the encroachment dispute on the LAC, but after the violent conflict in the Galvan Valley, the situation became more serious.

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