Khushbu Sundar support New Education Policy 2019 and apologize to Rahul Gandhi

Khushbu Sundar support New Education Policy 2019 and apologize to Rahul Gandhi

Many political parties welcomed the central government’s new education policy, while some even protested. Film actress and Congress leader Khushboo Sundar have welcomed the new education policy of the Modi government. He has also apologized to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for tweeting the party line. Khushboo Sundar tweeted that my view on the new education policy 2020 is different from my party and I apologize to Rahul Gandhi for this. But I talk facts instead of shaking my head like a puppet or a robot. We cannot agree with our leader on everything, but as citizens, we can bravely give our opinion or thoughts.

In his next tweet, he said that politics is not just for making noise, it has to be worked together and BJP and PMO have to understand it. As an opposition, we will look at it in detail and also point out the flaws. The Government of India should take everyone into confidence about the flaws associated with the new education policy.

Problem Solved

In another tweet about the new education policy, Khushboo Sundar said that I like to see positive aspects and work on negative things. We have to offer solutions to problems and not just raise voices. The opposition also means working for the future of the country.

Khushbu Sundar also said that people associated with the Sangh can be relational, but they should not rejoice. I am not going to the BJP. My opinion may be different from my party, but I am a person with my own thinking. Yes, the new learning policy has flaws in some places, but I still think we can see the change with positivity.

Education policy change

Please tell that on July 29, after 35 years, the new education policy was approved. New education policy has been prepared after nearly two lakh suggestions. Now 10 + 2 has been changed to a different format of 5 + 3 + 3 + 4.

Now the first 5 years of school will include 3 years of pre-primary school and the foundation stage including classes 1 and 2. Then the next 3 years will be divided into the preparation phase of classes 3 to 5. Apart from this, changes have been made in many ways regarding the education system. There will be an entrance exam for all institutions. There will also be online courses in regional languages.

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