Livestock census: Livestock increase in Modi Raj, 18 percent increase : New Delhi: The number of cows has increased in PM Narendra Modi’s government. Livestock Census 2019 data has been released by the government in 6.6 lakh villages and 89 thousand urban areas of the country. Let us tell you that the total number of livestock in the country is 53.5 crores. Gauvansh 19.2 crores, cows number 14.5 crores, bulls or bulls 4.7 crores, buffalo 10.9 crores, goats 14.8 crores, sheep 7.4 crores, pigs 90 lakhs, horses 3.4 crores, camels 2.5 lakhs, chickens chickens 85 crores, mules 84 thousand, and The donkey is 1.2 lakhs.

The number of cows, buffalo, chickens, chickens, sheep and goats has increased compared to the previous census 2012, while the number of horses, donkeys, camels and pigs has declined. The maximum number of donkeys has decreased from this, it has decreased by 61 percent compared to earlier, in 2012 there were 3.2 lakh donkeys. There has also been a decline in the number of bulls or bulls, earlier they were 6.7 crores. Although the cow breed of the native breed was 15.1 crore and now it is 14.2 crore.

Desi cows are now 9.8 crores and desi bulls or bulls are 4.3 crores. It has been seen that the number of cows of foreign breed has increased from 39 million to 5 crore. While the number of cows of all the breed has increased by 18 percent but the bull or bull has decreased by 30 percent. In the livestock census of 2019, 80 thousand people were employed. Livestock census: Livestock increase in Modi Raj, 18 percent increase

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