Locust Attack: Locust targets also threaten Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh; Alert in border districts

Locust Attack: Locust targets also threaten Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh; Alert in border districts

The locust team, which has been flying from Rajasthan, Haryana and Punjab, is more towards Madhya Pradesh. Despite the windy direction, on Wednesday, many small locust teams were seen flying towards Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh. A small group reaches Sonbhadra. According to information received from the UP State Control Room, locusts attacked in Moth and Garoutha tehsil area of ​​Jhansi district but due to lack of numbers, crops suffered less. The control teams drove the locusts in collaboration with the villagers.

Uttar Pradesh Agriculture Director Sauraj Singh says that despite the high prevalence of locusts in Madhya Pradesh, full vigilance is being done in the border districts. There is a possibility of the locust party driven from Jhansi towards Jalaun and Hamirpur. Therefore, there has been a high alert in both the districts. Apart from this, a locust team has also arrived from Madhya Pradesh’s Singrauli district towards Sonbhadra, in view of which Chandauli and Mirjapur have also been asked to be vigilant.

Continued flight from Rajasthan: Locust teams continue flying from Rajasthan. A locust team was seen moving towards Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh via Rajkheda tehsil of Dholpur district at 4 pm on Wednesday. Before this team was expected to come towards Agra, but due to the change in the wind, their direction changed towards Madhya Pradesh. Due to this, vigilance has been increased in Jhansi and Jalaun districts. Another party is moving from Dausa in Rajasthan towards Karauli, which is expected to turn towards Agra via Bharatpur. Salia Agra along with Mathura, Firozabad and Etawah teams and villagers need to be careful. At the same time, a high alert has been done in Chitrakoot from the locust party seen in Satna district. Vigilance has also been increased in Banda, Prayagraj, Kaushambi and Fatehpur districts.

Instructions to destroy locusts rather than exterminate: Agriculture Minister Suryapratap Shahi says that the entry of locust parties in Uttar Pradesh has been reduced due to the changing winds. He said that the locusts should not be able to do any further harm, so they have been instructed to destroy them by spraying chemical drugs instead of exterminating them. In Jhansi, 40% of locusts have also been successful in destruction.

High alert in Hamirpur, fear of coming to Lucknow via Kanpur countryside: The herd of tadis has come close to Agra and Hamirpur. High alert was declared in Hamirpur in view of the possibility of their halt due to greenery on the banks of Betwa river in Hamirpur till late evening. Everyone has been instructed to be ready due to the possibility of them entering Lucknow via Hamirpur to Kanpur countryside and then to Unnao.

The danger was not averted due to some change in wind’s stance: Dr. CP Srivastava, Deputy Agriculture Director and Nodal Officer for Locust Prevention, said that some change is being made in the wind’s stance, but the danger has not been postponed. Efforts are made to stop them first in Hamirpur and then in Kanpur countryside. The second locust of locusts seems to be almost exhausted due to the possibility of entering Lalitpur due to being away from Agra.

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