Mann Ki Baat Highlight: PM Modi said – Yoga and Ayurveda are very important in the fight against Corona

Mann Ki Baat Highlight: PM Modi said – Yoga and Ayurveda are very important in the fight against Corona

Mann Ki Baat Highlight: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is talking ‘Mann ki Baat’ to the countrymen after the announcement of expansion in lockdown across the country. This is the third time during the Corona crisis that PM Modi is addressing the people of the country through this program. During this, PM Modi said that the fight against the corona virus is being fought with full force in India. PM Modi once again appealed to the people that they should not relax the rules of two yards.

Mann Ki Baat Highlights:

In this time of corona crisis, yoga is more important today because this virus affects our respiratory system the most. In yoga, there are many types of pranayam that strengthen the respiratory system, which we have been seeing for a long time: PM Modi

Everywhere people have wanted to know more about Yoga and Ayurveda along with it, they have adopted it. How many people, who have never done yoga, are either joining an online yoga class or are also learning yoga through online videos: PM Modi

On the one hand we are fighting the epidemic, on the other hand we have also faced natural disaster in some parts of eastern India recently. I went to Odisha and West Bengal to take stock of the situation. In this hour of crisis, the country is also standing with people in every way: PM Modi

– In our country, crores of crores of poor have lived in a very big concern for decades – what if they fall ill? To overcome this concern, ‘Ayushman Bharat’ scheme was started about one and a half years ago. Just a few days ago, the number of beneficiaries of ‘Ayushman Bharat’ has crossed 10 million: PM Modi

– Our railway companions are engaged day and night. Be it the center, the state, local swaraj’s institutions – everyone is working hard day and night. The way railway employees are mobilizing today, they are also Corona Warriors standing in the front row in a way: PM Modi

– This path of fight against Corona is long. A disaster that the whole world has no cure for. Which has no prior experience. In such a situation, we are experiencing new challenges and problems due to this: PM Modi

There is no class in our country that is not in difficulty, is not in trouble, and if the biggest hurt of this crisis is on someone, then it is on our poor, laborers, working class. His suffering, his pain, his pain cannot be said in words: PM Modi

– I have discussed many times the service that our doctors, nursing staff, scavengers, policemen, media colleagues are doing. I have also mentioned it in Mann Ki Baat. The number of people who have dedicated everything to the service is countless: PM Modi

– Mortality from corona is also very low in our country. We all have grief for the loss that has been done, but whatever we are able to save, it is definitely the result of the collective resolve of the country: PM Modi

– Due to the collective efforts of everyone in the country, the fight against Corona is being fought very strongly. Our population is many times more than most countries, yet Corona could not spread in our country as fast as it has spread in other countries of the world: PM Modi

– With all the precautions, airplanes have started flying, gradually industries have started running, that is, a large part of the economy is now running. In such a situation, we need to be more vigilant. There should be no laxity in the matter of two yards or the application of masks: PM Modi

– Due to the effect of corona, the matter of mind has also not remained untouched. At the time of last mind, passenger trains, buses, air services were closed, but this time a lot has been opened: PM Modi

Mann Ki Baat Highlight On Saturday, the Union Home Ministry has issued new guidelines to reopen all activities outside the containment zone as part of the next phase of lockdown starting June 1. The new guidelines have introduced a roadmap to remove the restrictions in three stages. The first phase will open religious sites, hotels, restaurants and malls from June 8. In the second phase, schools, colleges and other educational institutions will be opened from July. In the third phase, international air travel will be opened including metro, cinema hall, gym, swimming pool.

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Mann Ki Baat Highlight: Let me tell you that this version of Mann Ki Baat is happening one day after the first anniversary of the second term of the Modi government. In the 64th episode of Mann Ki Baat, the Prime Minister focused on the prevailing situation in the country due to the corona virus and urged people to help the poor, migrants and the needy during the lockdown.

He had said that India’s fight against the corona virus is driven by the people and is being fought simultaneously by the public and the administration. The Prime Minister called for a 21-day nationwide lockdown on March 24 as a precaution to prevent the spread of the corona virus. Had announced The lockdown was later extended to 31 May.

According to the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, India has reported the maximum number of 7,964 new cases on Saturday. While 265 people have also died during this period. The total number of people infected with the corona virus in the country has increased to 1,73,763, 86,422 active cases and 82,370 have been cured so far. At the same time, a total of 4,971 people have lost their lives due to the deadly virus. Mann Ki Baat Highlight.

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