New Traffic Rules 2019: How Save Heavy Traffic Fine by your Smartphones


New Traffic Rules 2019: How Save Heavy Traffic Fine by your Smartphones : The new traffic rules have come into force in India from 1 September 2019. Since the introduction of the new traffic rule, up to 10 times more invoices are being deducted than before. Recently, a two-wheeler driver in Gurugram, adjacent to the country’s capital Delhi, was challaned for Rs 23,000.

Similarly, there are reports of similar heavy challans being cut from other cities of the country. In such a situation, your smartphone can save you from this huge challan. In most of the cases that are coming up, due to lack of necessary documents like driving license, car paper, insurance paper, pollution certificates with the drivers, huge amount of challan has been recovered from the drivers.

Many a times it happens that we forget to keep these important documents with us while leaving the house and during the vehicle checking huge challans have to be filled. You may be thinking that you can avoid challan by keeping digital version of these important documents in your smartphone, but this is not the case.

For this, you have to install apps recognized by the central government in your smartphone. Showing digital documents saved in those apps can help you avoid huge invoices.

Install mParivahan or Digilocker app in smartphone

If you have these two government apps in your smartphone, then you can avoid the huge challans made by the traffic police. Both these apps can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Downloading these apps, install it in your smartphone, link it with your Aadhaar number. After this, upload the necessary documents of your car to these apps. When you upload your required documents on these apps, you can show it to the traffic police during vehicle checking.

Let me tell you that these are both government recognized apps which preserve the digital form of all the documents you need. In this, you can keep your school papers as well as your school-college certificates. If you have forgotten your driving license, car RC etc. at home, then these digital apps can save you from heavy invoices. However, these apps will not be able to help you on red light jump, driving without helmet or seat belt, overspeeding etc. If you violate the traffic rules, then you will have to fill the challan. If you have forgotten the important documents of your car at home, then these apps can reduce your challan amount.

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