PAK’s dastardly act, F-16 chases Indian aircraft, Pakistan chase Indian F-16 Spicejet


PAK’s dastardly act, F-16 chases Indian aircraft, Pakistan chase Indian F-16 Spicejet: Pakistan is not deterring its antics. Pakistan’s fighter jet F-16 followed SpiceJet aircraft going from New Delhi to Kabul for about an hour in its air range. This incident is on 23 September. Two F-16 aircraft from Pakistan tried to stop the SpiceJet aircraft in the air. The SpiceJet aircraft carried 120 passengers. Pakistan chase Indian F-16 Spicejet.

This Happen Last Month

The incident came to light last month in which the Pakistani fighter plane flew to Kabul for about an hour. This commercial aircraft of India was in the air then. Two F-16 aircraft behind him asked the pilot of Spice Jet to bring the aircraft down and give full flight details. This SG-21 aircraft from Spice Jet was flown to Kabul with 120 passengers. The incident occurred when Pakistan did not close its airspace for Indian aircraft.

Asked to take down the plane

According to the news agency ANI’s report, the Spice Jet pilot told the F-16 pilot, “This is the Indian commercial aircraft Spice Jet which is carrying passengers to Kabul.” Quoting sources, ANI said that Spice Jet passengers saw the F-16 aircraft and its pilots around.

Pakistani ATC in confusion

A passenger aboard the Spice Jet told ANI on condition of anonymity that the F-16 pilots, pointing to the Spice Jet pilots, asked them to take the plane down. According to sources, every aircraft has its own code. Such was the code of the Spice Jet SG, which the Pakistani pilots understood as Indian Army or Indian Air Force. Pakistani ATC (Air Traffic Control) gave a message that an IA code aircraft from India has been flying towards Pakistan.

Fault escorted aircraft

A Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) told ANI, after the confusion cleared, Pakistani fighter plane F-16 escorted the SpiceJet aircraft to the border of Afghanistan. A passenger told ANI, “When the F-16 aircraft were cruising alongside, the passengers of the Spice Jet were asked to close the window and maintain peace.” Later, after a delay of 5 hours, Spice Jet landed at Kabul Airport and passengers breathed a sigh of relief.

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