Posani’s interesting comments on NTR: It was reported that NTR had campaigned on behalf of the Telugu Desam Party during the 2009 election. Despite the defeat of the Telugu Desam Party in that election, the NTR campaign received a good response. Even after that, NTR was expected to continue in politics. But, exceptionally, the TDP has set aside Aayan.

NTR has been away from politics ever since. The party says that when it is ordered, it will come and work. Now it seems like the time is right. That is why in many places posters of the future CM NTR in 2024. Otherwise, Posani made interesting comments on NTR’s political life.

People believe in NTR and will become the chief minister. Senior NTR confidently became the Chief Minister and said that this NTR will also become the Chief Minister with the love and commitment of the people. These comments are now hulking on social media.

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