Rajinikanth: Raghava Lawrence shock report: It has nothing to do with me or Rajini


Raghava Lawrence shock report: It has nothing to do with me or Rajini: Raghava Lawrence has stated in a statement that superstar Rajini Saar has nothing to do with my speech so far. He added in the statement

This news is for my media friends and news writers. After the release of Darbar Music, I was interviewed by several media friends Ask. Currently I am a little busy shooting in Hindi, so I can’t give an interview at the moment. But when my shooting is over, I will come and interview everyone individually.

To all the questions you have raised, I would like to clarify some general things.

The tweets I post, the speech I speak and the things I will talk about hereafter are all just my own opinions. I want to make it clear that Chairman Superstar is not in any way responsible for my comments. I want to make it clear that some people say that I am talking about Rajini sir. If he wants to speak, he will speak for himself.

He is not a person who can provoke someone.

Don’t hurt me. What I expect of him as a fan is his blessing and the only time I get to photograph him.

I am not against any political party and I am not supporting anyone. I do my service, I will ask for my children’s help whenever needed, and if they help, I will express my gratitude. I had no involvement in politics, but during the Jallikattu protest I was unnecessarily dragged into an issue. As a result, there was a rift between me and another person.

So I was forced into a compulsion to speak up. They are questioning my place of birth, language and my service, and I will answer it gently. Since the time of Jallikattu, I have been quietly answering, and I will continue to try to calm them down as much as I can.

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