Siachen Glacier: Four Soldiers and 6 Person and two porters killed in avalanche in the Siachen Glacier today: Four military personnel and two porter were killed in an avalanche in Siachen, the world’s highest battlefield in northern Ladakh. The condition of another jawan is critical. The accident occurred on Monday afternoon at an altitude of about eighteen thousand feet.

According to military officials, an eight-member team was patrolling near the Line of Control in Siachen at minus 30 degrees Celsius. The team also consisted of two army porter. The contingent had gone out of the army post to take a sick aide to the hospital, but was succumbed to an accident after three in the afternoon.

According to military sources, the Avalanche Panthers, which specializes in relief operations in high mountain areas, were searched for the missing soldiers. The Army’s Mountain Rescue Team also joined the expedition. After the trial, everyone was found in critical condition. Six soldiers and two porter were taken by helicopter to the military hospital. Four soldiers and two porter were martyred in these. Another is in critical condition. Eighth jawan’s condition is normal.

What is hypothermia

Hypothermia is a condition in which the body temperature is much lower than normal. The body temperature in general is 37 degrees (98.6 fernite). It goes below 35 degrees due to very cold climate. This condition is called hypothermia. In Siachen, the temperature is below minus 30 degrees. In such a situation, the temperature of the body drops rapidly there.

Ten soldiers were buried in 2016

Even in February 2016, ten army personnel were buried under snow after an avalanche hit an army post in Siachen. The bodies of nine soldiers, including a JCO, were recovered from the ice by this avalanche at an altitude of 19 thousand feet.

Died due to hypothermia: P.R.O.

According to Defense Kashmir Colonel Rajesh Kalia, all the soldiers were rushed to the military hospital in time, but due to hypothermia, four soldiers and two porter were martyred.

Army was deployed in 1984

India began deployment of the army in 1984 in Siachen, the highest battlefield. In fact, during this time, an attempt was made to send troops from Pakistan. Since then, there has been a continuous deployment of soldiers here. So far, one thousand soldiers have given martyrdom.

It is known that the Siachen Glacier, located at an altitude of about 20 thousand feet in the Karkorum area, is considered to be the highest military area in the world, where the soldiers have to numb the body due to the cold and strong winds.

Siachen Glacier is known as the highest altitude battle site in the whole world. Siachen Glacier is located in the Himalayas of East Karakoram. Its position lies on the north near the Indo-Pak Line of Control. The area of ​​Siachen Glacier is about 78 km. Siachen is the largest of the five major glaciers in Karakoram and the second largest in the world.

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