Chilakapalli Anusayamma did a very unique job of planting 20 lakh trees by motivating people to plant trees

Chilakapalli Anusayamma did a very unique job of planting 20 lakh trees by motivating people to plant trees: Chilkapalli Anusayamma, a resident of Pastapur village in Telangana’s Sangareddy district, was applauded by many experts from around the world when she was honored at UNESCO. It was an honor for a woman who not only took care of her life, but also worried about the health of the earth.

His story of reaching here is quite a struggle and inspiring. She says, “It’s like imagination for me. I never dreamed that I would be able to get this prestigious award. ‘

Anusayamma was honored by her organization Deccan Development Society (DDS) for her efforts in environmental protection in Sangareddy district. Chilakapalli Anusayamma in Sangareddy, a district in Telangana, did a very unique job of planting 20 lakh trees by motivating people to plant trees. Due to this responsibility, he was recognized all over the world and he was also awarded a special award by UNESCO …

Saving Traditional Methods

Anusayamma, associated with NGO DDS of Pastapur in Medak district, Telangana, has set a unique example of environmental protection. DDS has a team of women who work towards saving greenery and traditional methods of agriculture.

Most of the women of this team come from the lower strata of the society. For the last 25 years, Anusayamma, along with all these women, was busy day and night in planting trees on the idle land. Till now, he has done the work of planting about 20 lakh trees on unusable land. This team has played a very important role in erecting 12 forests in 22 villages of Sangareddy district of Telangana.

Ray of hope seen in life struggle

Anusayamma struggled hard to reach here. When Anusayamma woke up on a cold morning in 1993, it was found that her husband had left her. Then Anusayamma was 25 years old. Anusayamma says, ‘At that time my parents thought that my life was over.

Family and neighbors whipped me for whatever had happened to me. I was alone, but I knew that my world was not over. ‘Anusayamma could not do a job, because she was not very educated and then she started working as an assistant to raise children. This is where he got in touch with DDS.

“There was a big water problem in our village and there was no water even below the ground,” says Anusayamma. Then, with the inspiration of DDS, the villagers understood the importance of planting trees. The DDS stated that planting trees would increase groundwater accumulation. This speech had a deep impact on me and I made the goal of my life to improve the health of the earth. ‘

During the day, Anusayamma would go to work and learn different methods of planting saplings in the evening classes of DDS. After a few months, his association with DDS grew and he decided to dedicate his life to afforestation.

The DDS gave the villagers money for seeds and other necessary equipment to plant trees in the villages. Once the villagers planted trees themselves, they accepted their responsibility. Connecting the community was the core of this entire campaign.

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