Dussehra Holidays Extension in Telangana.. Why?

Dussehra Holidays Extension in Telangana: The government has extended the Dussehra holiday to educational institutions in Telangana for another week. The holidays will continue until October 12 and continue until October 19. It will be Sunday, October 20th and the educational institutions will reopen on the 21st. The decision was taken by the government in the wake of the RTC workers’ strike.

Chief Minister KCR said the Dasara holidays would be extended to all educational institutions in the state till October 19 to avoid any inconvenience to students due to the time taken to restore bus services in the state.

Officials are advised to run as many buses as possible to avoid any inconvenience to commuters. CM officials have been asked to look at 100% buses across the state in three days.

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