Proposals ready: 25 thousand new Jobs in Telangana RTC, #TSRTCSamme

Proposals ready: 25 thousand new Jobs in Telangana RTC, #TSRTCSamme: The authorities have been in tune with the Chief Minister’s KCR warnings. The workers at the strike have become self-deposed as they are, the government has warned that new ones will be recruited. It is clear that there is no private partnership in the RTC. Also, the new RTC employees have joined the union to give an affidavit that the CM said. On the one hand, the trade unions on the one hand continue to strike with political support. On the other hand, the government is preparing to replace the new drains in the RTC.

Since the government and the trade unions have not taken a step, all arrangements have been made for the replacement of 25 thousand new coals. However, the government has to give final approval. The government is not debating the proposal, which predicts the consequences of voting on 48,000 workers altogether. At the same time, the authorities are ready with all the advance arrangements.

To accommodate 25 thousand personnel ..

Officers have started drilling for new staff to replace the strikers at RTC. RTC officials .. How many posts to complete the exercise is almost complete. RTC ownership of 97 bus depots across the state comprises drivers, conductors, laborers, supervisors and other categories. As the government has decided to operate three modes of buses in the RTC, it is learned that the officials who made the predictions on the extent of staffing requirements are also preparing proposals for recruitment. Officials expect drivers, conductors, and staff to add up to 25 thousand people, according to the new proposal. The RTC prepared the proposals to this extent .. CM is ready to submit to KCR.

Can the government make that decision?

It is technically not possible for the RTC workers to strike as self-deposed, as the chief minister warned. The government has to give notice of a vote on them. Legal experts say that the two striking workers are not being fired as RTC employees. Hiring new people without taking any decision on the current staff is just another problem for the government. However, with the court hearing on the RTC strike on the 15th, there is hope that the issue will come to a standstill in the government. However, with the holidays coming to an end, congestion is likely to increase from Monday. Similarly in Hyderabad, there are no problems.

Services with private buses ..

The government, which says it has no trouble due to the strike, hopes to use more private services. The government has already ruled out the possibility of negotiating with RTC associations. The authorities have been given oral instructions to monitor the alternate arrangements without any difficulties during the flight. Up to 5pm on Friday, information was received that 5788 buses were operating. This includes 3,766 RTC and 2,022 rental buses. 6,000 private vehicles were made available. The government says more services will be available by Monday morning.

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