Vikram Lander: Why NASA chose LRO or Lunar Craft to find Lander Vikram?


Vikram Lander: Why NASA chose LRO or Lunar Craft to find Lander Vikram?: NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) or lunar craft will search for Lander Vikram on the lunar surface. For this, he will go through the same path on which Vikram is present on the surface of the moon. During this time he will also draw the image of Vikram. NASA will share every news related to this search campaign not only with ISRO but also with everyone.

Let us tell you that lunarcraft has been hitting the moon since 2009. It usually orbits it at an altitude of about a hundred km from the lunar surface, but, to obtain information about Vikram and click its image, it will reduce its height to 90 km. Significantly, the orbiter of India is still applying the moon. On September 7, ISRO was first informed by it about finding Vikram’s position and drawing its image. Although ISRO has not released any images of this yet.

Lunarcraft is special for search campaign

NASA has chosen this for the search of Vikram for a particular reason. Let us know that many achievements are associated with Lunar Craft. The cameras in it are much better than other orbiters. Lunarcraft has already provided clearer images of the landing locations of Apollo 11,12, 14 and 17. In addition, it was the first to provide information about the Israeli small robotic lunar lander beresheet and the location of its landing site. Passed through BearSheet was launched in February this year. But it could not successfully land on the moon and its mission failed because of a hard landing on the lunar surface. According to NASA astronauts, if Nasa lunarcraft was successful in its mission, it would also be a big achievement.

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

Significantly, on 18 June 2009, the Allianz Altus-5 rocket was launched. Luna crater observations including Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and a sensing satellite were also launched. On 23 June 2009, LRO entered the moon’s orbiter and along with it the spacecraft started its work. Its exploration mission started on 15 September 2009. The purpose of this mission is to connect humans to space. Exactly one year later this exploration mission came to an end. LRO is a robotic spacecraft that is very special for future robotic and manned missions to the moon.

Try to contact

Please also tell you here that ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) is trying its best to contact the lander Vikram, but he has not been able to succeed in it yet. As the days go by, the chances of this are also getting reduced. The lander Vikram was to land on September 7 at about 70 degrees south latitude in a field between two moon craters, Maginus C and Simpelius N. The distance between these two is about 45 km. But two km before it touched the surface, it deviated from its path and lost contact with ISRO’s mission control. At present the lander Vikram is completely lifeless on the surface of the moon.

Situation of confusion was created

Earlier, there was a situation of confusion about Vikram’s position and its landing on the moon’s surface. But it was clear from the thermal image from the orbiter that Vikram has landed on the moon’s surface. Earlier, it was also feared that the Vikram might have lost somewhere in the universe by straying from the path.

जानें Lander Vikram को खोजने के लिए नासा ने आखिर क्‍यों चुना LRO या Lunar Craft

NASA’s mission is very special

Scientists are assuming that today’s mission of NASA is very special and it can help Vikram to succeed again. The two astronauts of NASA mentioned above are watching this entire mission. It is also necessary to tell you here that the 15-minute process of landing on the moon was already very difficult for the lander Vikram. The whole world was eyeing this mission. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself said that he is looking forward to the day when the lander Vikram will land on the moon’s surface. The whole world has appreciated India’s efforts to land on the moon. Scientists from all over the world have admitted that this mission of India has not failed completely, but it has opened many other gates.

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